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Thread: Keys Fishing Meet 4/26

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2008-04-10 12:48:53
Keys Fishing Meet 4/26

I want to set up a day where for those of you who like fishing including myself can go fish down in the upeer keys near thr tiki bar.

Bait is cheap and its a good way to spend a saturday figure we leave at 10 am and be there by 11:30 fish from 12-4 and drive beack we will be back by 6 pm .

Last time i went i caught a bone head shark and several snappers and Jacks. and my girl caught some too. there are several spots to fish from it all depends on how many people we have.

Hell if we bring a small BBQ ill fillet those fukrs right there and we will have fish sandwiches for lunch.

So i dont have a set date yet but figure in last week in april. Like saturday
April 26.

if you are dwn add yor name to the list

1. Rodrigo
2. Serban
3. Donshu
4. Chill ( DE,VE,OR VE-T, DET or VET + Cams+ DE +VVL,+Sell my car + XYZ)?
5. Samurai Bob
6. NIssanguy
7. Sentrixx (maybe)
2008-04-10 14:25:28
I'm down, and I call shotgun!
2008-04-10 14:29:35
SOB, i have family in town and a wedding to go to that Saturday, GG
2008-04-10 15:37:17
^ suks bro , tell them your pregnant .
2008-04-10 15:40:56
put me as a maybe, been wanting to fish for a while,
whos bringing mosquito repel. i prolly wont come alone.
2008-04-10 15:45:26
i got repelant , just bring yourself and whoever plus $$$ and fishing poles
2008-04-10 15:46:35
got my ugly stick
2008-04-10 16:45:05
Originally Posted by Rodrigo
^ suks bro , tell them your pregnant .

I already look preggers, only if I could get away with the real thing
2008-04-10 17:18:11
OMG I'M SO DOWN. My birthday is the Tuesday of that week so I will be able to drink. I think we should get a hotel though because I have a super long drive down there and back and I love Key West so I want to spend at least a whole day and a half down there. You fish off the beaches or the bridges? I do both.
2008-04-10 18:38:21
fishing off the bridges is best , beach is ok if you dont mind runing the risk of a shark gettin you in the water.

We are not driving all the way down tho. only to about mile marker 79 .

Hotels might be expensive but we can check, i know i stayed once in a motel that had 2 rooms attached in holiday isle.
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