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Thread: moving to palm beach county soon

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2011-11-15 15:01:54
sounds good thanks guys
2011-11-15 15:30:16
Originally Posted by JCGator42
to answer your question, there are less cops around than in Broward/Dade and they tend to not bother you. The scenes aren't as popular up here and there are a lot more old people, so crime is lower, all-in-all much better,


I figured as much i don't remember every seeing cops when i drive that way lol but hey as long as your not in a honda you should be ok either way
2011-11-15 17:35:54
yea i know na no handa for me
2011-11-15 20:31:01
Work in West Palm Beach area and lived in several local areas, such as Greenacres, Lake Worth, Boynton Beach & Delray Beach. So long as you aren't doing anything suspicious, us Nissan users are generally left alone. For the most part, I haven't heard or seen many B13's in your condition go missing but doesn't mean it's impossible. In any case, I think it's a safe move as I've only had a break in that I caused myself. For example, riding through your neighborhood blasting music with a Sub and amp is not smart. Had to learn the hard way when I was 18.
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2011-11-15 20:45:51
yea i know bout showing off what u got is just asking for trouble n when nobody knpws u its worst thanks for the info guys
2011-11-18 20:36:49
As long as you don't go riding through riviera beach with loud music blasting and loud exhaust you should be ok, I lived in a gated community for 3 years just off of 45th and military, I'm in lake worth now near the turnpike, as with every where there are bad and good neighborhoods, a lot of the condo places on haverhill near 45th aren't that good, if you have any questions you can pm me if you need to

I have tint on my car and the only problem I have had was when a new cop pulled me over just after I bought my sentra and gave me a ticket for it and speeding 7 over, but other than that I have more problems with fhp on 95, I work in fort pierce and have school in ftl
2011-11-18 20:54:29
thanks for the info guys
2011-11-21 15:24:38
You should be fine.... Lived in west palm for 32 years. Car was broken into once. But just like any place... If someone wants it bad enough they will take it.
2011-11-22 13:37:19
All depends on where you are moving to exactly. I am in Boynton Beach and it is super quiet when it comes to the car scene.

I still get texts for the local meets which have drastically improved. The cars are much more stance and speed oriented. Not too much cosmetic mods. Mostly power and suspension. The races are taken well away from the meet so cops leave the meets alone for the most part.

As far as theft, I had my b14 for 4 years and went to all kinds of local meets and not once was the car tampered with. You should be fine.

And as for the cops, I had more tickets in Broward then Palm Beach.
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