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2011-10-24 14:14:22
Congrats kev.
2011-10-24 14:20:12
Anyone see the black b13 Run
2011-10-24 14:21:01
Congrats kev.
2011-10-24 14:39:14
Nic emph Kev. Hopefully next year I'll be in it all year long.
2011-10-24 14:54:38
Congrats kevin, from what I hear a few more of us with sick builds should be out early next year
2011-10-24 15:02:39
I saw the black car in the stagging lanes but I didn't get a chance to see him run.
I hope to see some more of us out there.
2011-10-24 15:16:12
Originally Posted by kevwal
Thanks Rob. Man I never really noticed how bad my R/S fog light was. Hi def camera i guess.

It's def out of control. First round eliminations I went up against my boy in a S14 with a supra motor in it that runs 8's on a normal day. They let him slide in the past but I guess people started protesting him for having no cage so they stuck him with us knowing he can go 8's. I won because he went 1/10th of a sec to fast. I lucked out cause that was also my worse run of the day.
It's funny cause when we were in the stagging lanes i told him whoever goes against me will break out trying to beat me but I didn't think it would be him.

I say if people are purposely sand bagging they should be kicked out. Anyone can count and hit the breaks. Its not to hard. I think those guys should be placed into the test and tune group.
2011-10-24 15:33:54
He wanted to run in a faster group but they told him that's the fastest group he can run without a cage. He has another car that's a full race car for next season, so he doesn't want to put a cage in his street car. The RX-3 that beat me ran 11.6 at 107mph and i was at 132mph, but i seen him run 11.1 before. It's a game that's been played for years.
2011-10-24 17:10:38
IDK, i did a lot of bracket racing back in the days. Kev your car seems like a pretty consistent 11.50 car. Its easier for a car that runs 11.50 full out to do the class than those that are normally running 10.50 index and so on. Its much harder to guess and sandback than you think.

This is the way i would do it in the bracket racing. I would go all out, if i was ahead of the other guy i would tap the brakes at the end to ensure i didnt break out. Its basicly a who gets to the finish first race is gonna win unless you break out and dependant on reaction time but if you both have similar reaction times its almost always gonna be first to the end wins. Reaction time is everything in bracket/index classes and gives you a major advantage. If you have the better reaction time and get to the end first even if you tap the brakes, if your ahead and you dont break out, your going to win, period.

If i was behind the guy then go full out till the end and hope the guy breaks out. Basicly if the guy your racing gets the jump on you by a couple tenths and you have to play catchup, pass him and right at the end let off to the point you just barely edge him out, again just to ensure that you dont break out.

This is much easier to do in the index class than actual bracket racing. I would do bracket racing every single weekend for 2 1/2 years with my old se-r. Bracket racing class would most of the time have about 70-80 cars in it back then. I came in 2nd place a couple times during that 2 year stretch. My n/a car was very consistent.

Like i said its easier for someone to go full out and be consistent than to sandbag and try to count. By 11.50 seconds you could be a whole second off trying to count while driving. lol.

Good job though Kev and congrats again on the new PB. Get yourself from 13" slicks man. with your power 15's are just a waste of time. When i went out on my 22X8X15 m/ts i just spun them down the entire track, lol. That was with 461whp
2011-10-24 17:46:39
I'm on 24.5x8x15 and i spin them 1st, 2nd, and just a little of 3rd. at 8psi pressure. I'm def. going with the 13". I should be cutting at least a 1.7 60ft. every time.
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