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Thread: i will be in florida 9/15-9/22!!

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2011-08-01 23:41:10
i will be in florida 9/15-9/22!!
so yea, whats up guys? lol
we will be doing a few days in disney and a day in either sea world or universal..havent locked everything down 100% yet..

would anyone be willing to give the gf and myself a ride from the orlando airport to our hotel? i think its like 5 or 6 miles would be willin to throw ya a little cash moneys
2011-08-02 03:32:05
I might be willing to help you out, just needs to be after 430 if its a weekday, or early morning or evening if its the weekend. Ill let you know if I can help ya out after you have arival time.
2011-08-02 03:54:57
i have one..idr what it is..lol
2011-08-08 13:14:32
Any idea yet of the eta of your flight?
2011-08-14 18:47:58
4:30 i believe it is
2011-09-10 19:14:33
landing at 4:30 at orlando airport! i have to get a time for when we are leaving though..
2011-09-14 21:40:10
if anyone could pick the 2 of us up at the airport it would be totally awesome..save me 40 bucks for the cab fare..i would toss ya some gas money though
2011-09-15 10:42:36
up at the ass crack of dawn to start my vacation FTL..
2011-09-15 19:51:32
I would have done it for ya but I'm covered up at work right now so I can't get away to save my own life,, lol

give me a call sometime and maybe we can meet up late in the evening an hang out.. Saturday night will be a good night for me to get away but it will be after 7 pm for me..
2011-09-15 20:40:18
Will do! we just landed..walking to baggage claim now..
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