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Thread: I've become a victim

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2011-07-28 00:55:21
Welcome back to the Nissan world. I'm glad I left Florida for reasons like this. Things will never change.
2011-07-28 13:43:33
fuckin bastards. Mostlikely(sp?) depending on the condition of the car, they only live a very short distance from where they droped the car...
2011-07-28 14:17:55
Originally Posted by boostenb13
Update: They found the car Thursday in the WPB area and I went to see it Saturday. They ran through it to say the least.. Took everything Motor, Tranny, Harness, ECU, Dash, Door Panels, Hood, Fenders, Front Bumper, etc. etc. So ended up being worse case situation, a Total Loss; An experience that wont be soon forgotten and will only make me more careful about where I leave my whip...

I bet they had a beat down red eg hatch found yours that looks clean swap it for parts..was it single cam vtec? And yesss florida is way out of control with thieves. Everytime I went out at night and left my car parked id always be so paranoid having a honda in florida is tough not worth putting money into them :/
2011-07-28 15:42:59
Is there a way you can trace the cell phone in it? Since you called and they answered....
2011-07-28 16:19:07
Yea claims settled today, gonna try and put this sh*t behind me... Got decent money back so the f***a did me a favor really. Just paro about who may have done it and protecting whatever vehicle I get next. I remember when I had my B13, I took all the JDM stuff off (Front bumper, sideskirts, etc.) and sold it just because of the potential risk of the thieves.. I used to be paro about even bringing cars down South for the weekend while in college because of the thieves. It's crazy but s**ts life. Next car wont be a Honda but Nissans are a hot commodity as well amungst the bloodsuckas... So either way just gotta move on with my new found respect for Auto Insurance.
2011-08-26 14:30:35
Sucks about the car bro. I've had people steal sh*t from my car, but never my car. That's why I'd never own a Honda down here. People want those cars too much and will do next to anything to steal one. Nissans aren't stolen as much down here, albeit the S14 is the most stolen car in South Florida.
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