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Thread: DE+T with EVERYTHING for sale....

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2011-01-28 02:55:35
DE+T with EVERYTHING for sale....
If you are looking for a turbo swap for your 1.6, than this is the deal you were hoping to find. I am selling my COMPLETE set up from my green Sentra! When I say complete, I mean it. Everything you need to swap your 1.6 to a SR20DE+T in one stop. Engine, transmission, harness, JWT ECU, ball bearing T25 and all piping, intercooler, boost gauge etc....

This set up made 245whp at 12psi. I daily drive it at 8psi. I DO NOT beat on my car when I daily drive. I took it to the 1/4 once where I got six runs on 12psi, the best was a 13.894 @ 105.05 on my 17" street tires (2.312 60') I have autocrossed it 3 times with this setup at 8psi. I did one track day at the SR20 convention in Savannah in 2009. Last summer I dove it from Orlando to Austin TX and back. I have had NO mechanical issues with this engine! The only nagging problem is with the starter not turing over everytime, but it always ends up starting so I have not felt like looking into it.

Here is a pic;

I will attempt to list everything here. Forgive me if I am a bit foggy on a couple of the details because it has been a while with this car. Also, this has been my daily driver since August of last year so it is running very nicely.

SR20DE 9.5:1 CR high port with roller rocker valve cover (internal oil seperator) I don't know the actual miles on the engine but 21,000 trouble free 8psi miles have been put on it since it has been in the car.

JWT ECU, 95-96 SE-R MT use with 538cc injectors; turbo; Z32 MAF; 9.5:1 CR (the first SR20 swapped in was from a 96, so the ECU and Harness are all from a 96 too. Yes this car was originally a 1.6)

JWT S3 cams
T-25 Ball bearing turbo with internal wastegate
538cc side feed injectors
Adjustable fuel pressure regulator
Fuel pressure gauge
Spectre intake filter
Nissan factory intake pipe (from MAF to turbo)
Factory recirculation valve (no blow off)
All turbo piping custom made for below the headlight set up so you can run a 4 fog bumper with the lights.
Intercooler (modified to work with the under light piping)
3" downpipe with extra O2 sensor bung for tuning
3" test pipe
2.5" straight through exhaust
Vibrant ultraquiet resonator with turn down tip (very stealthy looking)
Greddy Profec-B electronic boost controller
Autometer boost gauge
Jun ultralight flywheel (cromolly 9.5lbs)
ACT 6 puck clutch
1996 manual transmission (no 5th gear popout issues) with Redline shockproof heavy fluid
Axles (the drivers side inner boot is split, but otherwise they are ok)
AC compressor (remanufactured unit installed before I drove to Austin last summer) and lines
Power steering pump delete, aka, water pump belt tensioner
I will throw in the manual steering rack too if you want that!

There are probably other things too, but you know how it is... it can be difficult to remember it all. Here is a picture of the intercooler set up;

I will also throw in the full braking system so you can convert your B-13 to 4 wheel disc with the bigger SE-R front brakes too. I will include the master cylinder and rear uprights and parking brake cables!

You can have all of this for a starting price of $2200 OBO. This price is NOT set in stone, I am willing to make a deal.

I am not ready to part out this setup yet, but if I don't get any takers for the complete package, than a part out will be in order.

I am also interested in an SR20VE plus cash or a RWD SR20DE(T) with transmission plus cash. Neither of wich have to be perfect because I will most likely take them apart anyway.
2011-01-28 03:30:10
Such a sweet setup.Factory looking clean.
I would be all over this if I wasnt a broke mofo.
2011-01-28 03:39:36
what you plan on doing with the car???

hmmmm one of my fav 5's
2011-01-28 03:44:42
Fantastic, bump ! All it needs is the famous throttle-cable -tuck-trick to look even more clean.
2011-01-28 17:28:37
SERpriz, I am going back to a naturally aspirated set up, maybe a VE

Loek, The throttle cable tuck was done some time after that pic was taken!
2011-01-29 01:49:50
I can vouch for this guy!, i was going to buy this set up but opted for a VE instead... man this really makes me think twice tho Russ...
Oh and as it being daily driven with out problems I see his about twice a week driving by my job. Motor is in great condition.
2011-02-01 03:04:50
No classifieds in regional sections please.
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