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Thread: Miami Heat!

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2010-07-09 14:35:19
^Then a man will wake up and see Kobe with more jewelry than Jared's! Lol.
2010-07-09 15:45:30
Originally Posted by happynole
I really couldn't care who wins as long as it isn't the Lakers.

Dream scenario - Lakers vs the Heat in the finals for the next 5 years with the Lakers losing every game 7.

A man can dream, can't he?

i see that happening but think we will win every series within 5 games
2010-07-09 16:32:42
Its Christmas in July!!!!
2010-07-09 16:39:54
Originally Posted by Pr

Can blame him for leaving. hes killed himself every game to win a championship and he couldnt get one where he was at. SMART move for lebron... ill be making the same move in a few months lol

for all the miami heat fans .... fuk yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i see use beating the nba championship record i got the biggest smile on my face right now.

I disagree. He quit on his team in game 5 in the boston series. Lets see if he quits again here.

And good luck catching up to the championship record of the Celtics. Only 15 more to go!
2010-07-09 17:34:18
i cant say that he did give up. me being a huge fan of the game both being a HUGE miami heat fan and a fan of the game period. dont think anyone would quit being so close to the title. 7 years and only 4 our of the 7 years being in the playoff's and still no title should say it all. i wouldnt want to be one of the great players that doent have a championship. i dont think he would have got one with cleveland. he thought the same thing obviously. he took a huge pay cut joining the heat and so did the other players that were free agents. this shows he had the ring in hand and doesnt want to kill his body not getting one else where. 15 titles more seems possible
2010-07-09 17:51:25
Wade's reaction.

YouTube - Wade's REACTION to LeBron's decision July 8, 2010
2010-07-09 18:15:10
that foo is all teeth lmao ... that smile could get any bigger
2010-07-10 21:09:54
for those who missed it.

YouTube - Miami Heat welcomes THE BIG THREE Dwayne Wade, LeBron James,and Chris Bosh - [07-09-2010]
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