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Thread: Professional Photography in Southern Florida (on the cheap)

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2010-03-15 17:49:50
Originally Posted by Wayne
^^ Just an FYI... If Rodrigo offers you guys crackers... Don't take them


Originally Posted by Wayne
Good luck Danny. I'll give you $5 to shoot my car.

I'll shoot it for free, just buy the bullets
2010-03-15 17:54:29
By the way, I also agree with Rodrigo.

Danny is not trying to compete with those who make a living off photography. He's just trying to get better and make a little money on the side, nothing wrong with it. Maybe the "professional" should be removed from the title, but based on the pictures he's shown, those interested can make a decision. If you don't like them, find a real professional photographer, for those who like them, its not a bad deal for $20.

Oh, and I got a couple of HDR photos from Danny last night. I'll upload them later
2010-03-15 21:32:09
Just change the title to " High quality ". I agree with everyone on both sides lol
2010-03-15 22:58:59
Originally Posted by Serban

I'll shoot it for free, just buy the bullets

Yoooouuuu WOULDN'T!!!
2010-03-15 23:14:40
i use to take pictures years ago.. but i developed them and everything.. i use to get on roof tops and take downward pictures.. i miss it sorta but i rather wrench then click.photography is an expensive but rather easy profession as long as you have a creative mind. i still love pics that show cars in movement.. like on highways.. idea thread for photography would be nice..
2010-03-16 04:45:17
LMAO @ this ...

I will put my .02 on this:

- Mike22478 and Spoolin make some good points go learn abit more about photography your stuff is very very beginner.

-Steer away from using the term "professional" it's sorta disrespectful to people who have earned it and make a living off it . But photography is "art" and "art is subjective" so whatever .You can just use Photographer.

-Mike22478 and Spoolin make some awful points too .. charge whatever you feel is fair...

-Mike22478 LOL kiddo don't boast your IFAC B.A. I have one from IFAC,Fullsail and a AA from Ringling. The education is irrelevant you can still suck (no offense not saying you do).

- agreed with Rod's statement "All im trying to say is every one starts some where and if you think a amateur photographer is taking up you lime light maybe your in the wrong field."

-ROD MARICON !!! WTF I want to go over when you cook some fire-ass FOOD NO**** LMK ! ( my old roomie was a sous chef he made a bomb chicken cordon blue )
2010-03-17 02:36:30
Thank all of you who fully understand where I was coming from and why I got offended. I DO NOT MEAN TO TAKE AWAY BUSINESS FROM "PROFESSIONALS"

I'm a college student, and could use the extra cash. What I charge should be completely irrelevant. How would you feel if you were trying to sell your car and I popped in the thread and linked everyone to another, cheaper car of the same quality....

I may not be a "professional" by the standards of having a degree, but then again that is all for the 'user' and my prospective to judge.

So for anyone who would still like the services of the 'un-professional' photographer please let me know. Still $20 and you get the quality posted above.

Whhhhaaaayyyynnnneee- for you it'll be $50 but for Robert, $4.36 and for Rodrigo free because he had my back :P

Again, to each his own. If you don't like my stuff, don't post bashing me. If you would like to offer advice please do so, but PM me please.

And just to clear things up....:

2010-03-17 14:57:06
LULZ @ Sig ......
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