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Thread: Cheap HIDs!!!!!

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2010-02-24 14:52:08
Cheap HIDs!!!!!
just saw this on the g20.net site.. HIDs $29.99
HID Kits: HID Kits, DEPO Lights, BMW Bumpers & Lighting - DDM Tuning
2010-02-24 15:45:41
thanks for the link. Are they a good brand? Never got into HID's
2010-02-24 17:22:54
Dangit! I just bought a set of silverstars last weekend!
2010-02-24 17:47:18
on the g site everyone says that they are a good brand... LIFETIME WARRANTY... im going to order 2 sets on friday.. finally getting some hids...
2010-02-24 18:11:41
I think I will pick up a set tonight when I get home!!! I hate the replacement 9006 bulbs I have in my daily and this is just as expensive (if not actually cheaper) than getting the brightest halogens from sylvania!!

Thanks much!!
2010-02-24 18:22:53
Originally Posted by mirrortints
Dangit! I just bought a set of silverstars last weekend!

^Did you get the Ultra's?
2010-02-24 18:25:09
Pshhh, naw, but the regular silverstars was 42 with tax! I get a 10 buck rebate, but still.
2010-02-24 18:34:35
- Dang bruh, you shudda went ultra for $7 mo bucks. They are a bit brighter. DC told me about them. I picked up some HID's I need to install on the daily.
2010-02-24 21:18:37
I was looking at the DDM tuning hids like a year ago(when they were $29.99), then they put an ad in the euro tuner magazine and the hids went up to $79.99, and now they no longer have the ad in that magazine so they put the price back down (must have been a really expensive ad),
The silverstar ultras a pretty good, but have half of the life of the regular silverstars (I know because of people complaining while I worked at advance auto), I personally went through a set of ultras in 7 months (in my b13), but a set of regulars lasted me 2- 2.5 years (I'm my corolla) both had stock suspension
2010-02-24 23:48:58
thats an awsome price, has anyone ever installed HID's?

i wanna get some for the wifes G20. someone told me i would need relays?

my Maxima also has HID's that i have yet to troubleshoot, when the lights are on, the high beam indicator comes on , o nthe dash, and when i hit the high beams, the lights cut out?
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