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Thread: Help with parting out a B14 legally

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2010-02-19 15:53:49
Help with parting out a B14 legally
I'm thinking of buying a '96 200SX and using the BB in my GXE. My questions are these. If a part it out, I really don't want to have to register and insure it. I just don't know how do avoid that. I'd have to pay for title transfer, tax, tag and insurance which after September of last year increased by just about 100%. I don't want to do that if I'm just going to tear the car apart. I would most likely pull the engine and tranny along with all supporting parts and store them in my garage so I could give them a little TLC. As far as the rest of the car, I'll strip it down to the shell and sell everything I possibly can, even the shell to which I think I'd have to transfer the title to the buyer. Or just sell it to the scrap yard. Can I buy the car, park it at my house, part it out and not have to worry about registering it and insuring it? Has anyone in Florida done this? I really need some insight into this. Any help will be greatly appreciated. If this actually works, I can finally reach my goal of having a TC'd car which didn't start that way. It will end up looking like the SE-L but turbo. TIA!!
2010-02-19 17:22:24
ive parted out a couple of cars(LEGALLY) in my garage without registering or insuring them with no problems...
2010-02-19 17:24:27
That's good news. Do you know if the scrap yards need the title in order to take the shell.
2010-02-19 17:31:07
just make sure you have a bill of sale with all the previous owners info. i use this company here in cali, looks like there's one in florida. Junk Car Florida, FL Junk Cars - Free Junk Car Removal
2010-02-19 23:01:36
you only need the car registered and insured to drive it on the road, in florida at least, most but not all scrap yards need the title of the car just so they know its not stolen but it all depends on their policies

I would just transfer the title into your name and call it a day, after all your not going to be crashing the car into someone while its sitting in your driveway (or someone hitting you), or at least keep insurance on it till you get it to your house (if its not getting towed).

do you really think all of the people that have rusted out/ broken down cars sitting in their yards or garages carry insurance on them
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