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Thread: please explain???

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2010-02-19 05:03:03
please explain???
Just saw this on craigslist what anm i lookin at a ser turn 1.6 or a 1.6 turned ser 91 NISSAN SE-R CLEAN!!!
2010-02-19 05:51:59
from what i see its a se-r and he put a 1.6 motor in it
2010-02-19 10:57:52
why put a 1.6 and have to change it all around to fit??? Looks like it has the xe bumpers, don't see the fogs on.. really need better pics to tell
2010-02-19 13:42:26
It's impossible to tell, but my money is on it being a regular 2-door Sentra it's entire life. If you buy it I bet you find drum brakes in the back.
2010-02-19 13:49:39
it says it has original 1.6 motor in it, so all he did was put the se-r sticker on it.....apparently he doesn't know what hes talking bout
2010-02-19 13:58:22

Not making any sense. So the Se-r came with two motor options? Stupid ass people. You can always tell if it is a Se-r by the vin.
2010-02-19 14:54:54
I came across that a few weeks ago and thought what a fool... car looks good for what it is and the price is decent but its still no SE-R
2010-02-19 16:43:07
it was a special edition and he wish it was an se-r
2010-02-19 17:07:53
i saw this yesterday. i think he advertized it the way he did to open his thread up to a wider field of onlookers and searchers.
2010-02-20 12:26:09
The car is a original se-r. It has everything except the motor.
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