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Thread: Junkyard se-r

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2010-01-23 17:44:38
Junkyard se-r
95 Sentra SE-R at Atlantic Auto Discount in lake park...pull parts yourself!!! Only thing gone so far is the AC condenser line and rear brake discs and calipers. Car is in great condition and is not part of the clunkers program; has power everything including cruise control. Good luck!!!
2010-01-24 03:46:00
Snapped a few photos with my cell while I was there.

I really do have to ask myself why this car was junked...I mean, rear quarter panel damage seems a bit small to junk it. The Tag on the back was last registered 4-09 so IDK!!!???
2010-01-24 13:38:22
I am going up there to get a few parts on monday.
2010-01-24 23:50:56
You wouldn't happen to know the address would you? I'm with you on that same wonder why that SE-R is in the junk yard. Oh well, more parts for the world!
2010-01-25 00:11:25
They junked it for no reason
2010-01-25 10:13:22
Originally Posted by Andreas
I am going up there to get a few parts on monday.

Damn I won't be able to go till 4:30pm let me know if the ps lines on the firewall (metal lines) are still there. Please. Or if you have any for sale I've been trying to get some for 2 years now
2010-01-28 03:58:43
whereexactly is this junk yard because im tired of going to the ones on benoist..they never have **** i need
2010-01-28 17:24:42
I'm pretty sure that's where this is..
2010-01-28 18:02:04
They said its in lake park at the top...benoist isnt lake park....
2010-01-30 00:56:35
Its off of dwyer right by the va hospital on beeline hwy,i finaly got there yesterday and got the ps lines, the tranny is gone and so is the drivers window, ecu, rear calipers, there's some stuff left on it still, its in the 2nd or 3rd row on the left from the entrance, there's a black 96 g20 auto almost right across from it that is complete
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