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Thread: I will trade all these B13 se-r parts for wheels!

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2010-01-11 02:11:14
I will trade all these B13 se-r parts for wheels!
I need this stuff gone tomorrow, picked up from St pete Florida. You make the prices and you pick up.

B13 se-r maf.
B13 se-r ECU.
Full Ac system from a B13 with everything.
2010-01-11 02:14:11
traction problems?
2010-01-11 03:48:28
Only through third lol. After I hit fourth I am good haha. It may just be these cold roads but it spins 1st, spins the heck out of second and third kinda spins and chirps lol.
2010-01-11 04:44:32
haha ,, traction problems.... what kind of meat do you have on there now?? size? width?
2010-01-11 04:50:21
195/60/14? maybe, I am not sure but something around that. I am looking to get the nx wheels or the 15 inch se-r wheels.
2010-01-11 04:56:47
yeah you need to get a 15 inch wheel under there,,

seems like the 205/50/15 is a good size ,, I loved them on my Nx...

now I'm back on my 205/45/16 ,, .. I'll dig up a cool pic of size difference on my 15 vs 16 inch,,

your problem is not enough meat on the pavement..

I glad to hear your finally enojoying that VE ..
2010-01-11 05:00:20
Yeah, thanks. Do you remember me from Ocala? I had the really clean teal b14 with the Boston Acoustic speakers and you asked me where I got them from and I said I have no idea they came with the car lol.
2010-01-11 05:09:22
here check this out ,, on left 205/50/15 and on right 205/40/16

I don't have the pics of the 205/45/16 yet (b/c I have'nt taken them) lol

when I was on the 205/40/16's spinning alot on take off also I was running out of steam at the top end faster than the other guys(B14 tranny),, and when I was on the 205/50/15's we all seemed even through the gears but my take off traction was the sheit bro,, grip from hell !!!(B14tranny)

these 205/45/16's are real close to the 50/15's on feel but my biggest problem is this B15 tranny,,, wow what a difference,,,, I can get through the gears much faster than the other guy now ,, lol

2010-01-11 05:12:50
yeaaahhhhhh I remember you
2010-01-11 13:26:26
Did you ever remember seeing my white de-t b13 with the wrx hood scoop? And I really liked those 4 spoke wheels you had. But yeah, if anyone needs any of that random stuff and would like to trade me some wheels let me know!
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