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Thread: B13 Crashed :(

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2010-01-09 21:41:26
B13 Crashed :(
Dec: 28 2:15am Girl ran a red light ....No one was injured... car is done thu... now I have to fight with Allstate because there saying my car is worth "$1515.88" ... when KBB is $2100 sigh..... JDM rear bumper /reinforcement = useless POS..

Before :


2010-01-09 21:55:22
It looked to be in really good shape too,good luck with allstate and good luck with whatever you decide to do next..Atleast everybody is fine,without any injuries..
2010-01-09 22:17:40
Damn bro, & your car looked clean too.

GL with Allstate tho, them Fawkers left me out in the cold when my p10t was hit 2 years ago & I wasnt going to fight for the $200.00 I spent on parts & paint.

Since they gave you that amount, try removing stuff that you can use or sale later on.
2010-01-09 22:31:21
I have a question ... they took pictures of the car can I take parts off the car ?
2010-01-09 22:49:38
please call me Masik 305-282-3643
2010-01-09 22:51:36
you can keep the car if you fight these fools and take a offer and sign off on no more request on money from them. It will be cheaper to fix than build again.
2010-01-09 22:52:54
its your car, tell them you will take $1000 and fix your car and leave them alone. It will be cheaper for them.
2010-01-09 23:27:56
The insurance company will pay you the average sales price for the same model car in your area. Start combing through autotrader.com ads for SE-Rs and print out the pages. Make sure the insurance company understands that its a special trim level of Sentra and that they typically sell for more than say a Sentra E would. If you have any receipts from recent work doen to the car then submit copies of those also. If you have good evidence to back up your side then you have a better chance of a fair payout.
2010-01-10 01:33:18
These Miami drivers always hitting these clean se-r's. Hopefully all works out well with you man
2010-01-10 03:07:28
wow pedro, it really sucks that you have to deal with Allstate!

They are really bad to deal with and they will fight to the bitter end to not have to pay you any more than they have to...

good luck man
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