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Thread: 2010 Florida Mega Meet - March 13th 2010 - Ft Desoto Park ***UPDATED WITH PAYPAL

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2009-12-15 01:54:16
2010 Florida Mega Meet - March 13th 2010 - Ft Desoto Park ***UPDATED WITH PAYPAL
So planning time came for the 2010 mega meet. Myself and 2 friends are setting things up and my company and my friends web design company have put up the money to reserve a pavillion at Ft Desoto park, we currently have this meet posted on:
thespecvboard.com, allsentraforum.com, b15sentra.com, specvforum.com, sr20forum.com, sr20-forum.com, g20.net and we have a facebook page for all the information to be held at. The information is below about the pavillion and the time, as well as the arrangements for food and drinks.
If you know of any other forums we should post this on, PLEASE tell us and we will get things rolling.. as of now we have many people who are going to attend and 4 people traveling from WI and NY to attend, we are hoping for 100+ cars to attend. we have strict rules which are laid out below and as long as everyone holds to these rules, the cops wont be a issue and we can have a great time and be back next year...

(if any mods need to contact me personally for anything please email me at [email]floridamegameet@live.com[/email] )

Ok everyone it is time for the 2010 Florida Mega Meet for Nissan/Infiniti/Datsun. Many people attended the 2009 Meet in Orlando and everyone had a fantastic time... But there was one major complaint.
Florida + August + Parking Lot = Unbearable Heat
So we decided to make a little change and have it in the beginning of march. Many people are out of school for spring break and the temps should be nice. If I remember correctly that week last year I was at the beach with friends having a good time, so the temps should be perfect. So enough with the nonsense heres the low down:

***** The Low Down *****

What - 2010 Nissan/Infiniti/Datsun Mega Meet Hosted By Perfected Reflections A.R.P, TheSpecVBoard & Last7Studios

Where - Fort De Soto Park
3500 Pinellas Bayway South, Tierra Verde, FL 33715
Pavillion #1

When - March 13th 2010 12pm - Sunset (Reservation time is from 11-sunset)

Who - All Nissan/Infiniti/Datsun cars + others who would like to attend and follow our rules, but other cars may not be used in the group car photos

Cost -The Pavilion has already been paid for by Perfected Reflections A.R.P & Last 7 Studios

Entry will be free and bottled water will be provided

If you chose to eat the fee will be $11 per person and it will be all you can eat and drink all day. [email]Floridamegameet@live.com[/email]
When you pay we will need the first names and the username(s) of those that will be eating.
Payments must be received by 3/7/10. Unfortunately we cannot accept payments after that date. we use the money in the paypal to determine how many are eating and how much food to purchase. Those in charge of the food will then go out and purchase all the food need for the amount of people who have paid

Upon arrival those who have paid will need to bring there paypal confirmation page and check in under the portable tent and be given a name tag so that they can get food and drink.

*** I changed it to $11 per person because paypal fees are gonna take a decent chunk out of the total when the amount of people goes up***

Paypal account - [email]Floridamegameet@live.com[/email]

Here are the rules that Ft Desoto Park Has:
1. Special Event functions require permission from the department and are subject to additional fees. This includes picnics with more than 500 attendees. See special event information at http://www.pinellascounty.org/parks
2. Decorations can be not be affixed to shelter or picnic tables with staples, tacks, nails, thumbtacks, etc. No helium balloons, water balloons, silly string or confetti of any kind.
3. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted.
4. Place all refuse in trash containers provided.
5. Use of fire prohibited except in grills. No open fires on public beach areas.
6. Park in designated areas only. Violators will be ticketed. Parking spaces are not guaranteed with a shelter reservation
7. Some shelters have electricity however, it is not guaranteed.
8. Items requiring the use of water are not allowed. Paintball games are prohibited.
9. Inflatable’s such as moonwalks, without water elements; petting zoos; and/or food vendors are allowed but require insurance that list the Pinellas County Board of County Commissioners as additional insured. Go to http://www.pinellascounty.org/parks for link to vendors who currently have been approved by our Risk Mgt Department. We do not recommend vendors.
10. Music and public address systems are permitted, however, the volume level should not be audible from a distance of 50 feet.
11. Most picnic tables have been secured to the shelter and cannot be moved within or out of the shelter. We do not supply or move extra tables to your shelter. You are not permitted to move tables from one shelter to another.
12. Shelters are reserved only once per day and are reserved rain or shine. No refunds due to rain.
13. Shelters can be reserved 365 days in advance but not less than 72-96 hours in advance (Holiday weekends are 96 hours).
14. The earliest reservations can start is 8 AM and must end by sunset.

Here are our rules:
1: No Loud stereo
2: No excessive engine reving
3: ABSOLUTELY NO RACING (I know the main street is long and flat, but we will not tolerate it, neither will the park)
4: Remember Park rules regarding alcohol (i believe the state also has them.. if you are going to bring any, bring it for yourself only.. we will not store or bring alcohol)
5: Be kind to park staff and others.. we dont own the place and we would like the opportunity to have future meets at the location

***** How to Get Further Info *****

Because we will have this posted on so many places it may be difficult to keep every site updated with the current info, so we setup a facebook page for the meet:
Florida Nissan Mega Meet | Facebook
Add yourself as a fan to get the new updates as we post them up

Pass info to friends and lets get this rolling!!!

*****Organized Roll Out Contacts *****

Here are the organized roll out contacts.. we are looking for more if you would like to organize one from a location not taken already.. Your info will be posted on all the forums this meet is posted also:

North Florida - Carlos Vega : [email]CFVEGA90@hotmail.com[/email]
South Florida -
Central Florida/East Coast -

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2009-12-15 02:12:15
I am down
2009-12-15 03:41:14
if I still own a Nissan-made vehicle, i'll be in attendance...
2009-12-15 07:30:26
Definately won't make it, I work 3rd shift in west palm I get out at 7am too far to drive on no sleep
2009-12-15 07:43:43
Delete. Stupid blackberry
2009-12-15 14:01:19
If I still own the SE-L and it is running to my liking I will try to be there. I am now back in Florida. No more of this Louisiana stuff lol.
2009-12-15 14:19:27
We will be there, with the Xterra and the B13!
2009-12-15 15:52:57
Hopefully Ill have my B13 running and my B15 will be there for sure.

Its awesome to see all the people who are posting in this already, last year it was a little slow. Dont forget if your on facebook to become a fan of the meet page for all the newest updates
2009-12-15 16:59:03
too fffaarrrrr
2009-12-15 17:39:37
Too far. I hope it's a good turn out though.
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