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Thread: Great weekend of racing in Gainesville Oct 8th-10th

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2009-09-15 22:24:44
Great weekend of racing in Gainesville Oct 8th-10th
First off,Grassroots Motorsports is having the $2009 challenge that weekend.
I was checking out the entries,and there is a 91 SE-R entered from St. Augustine
Maybe the guy is on here,but if you look at the entry list you will see what I mean.Here is a link to info
Kumho Tires Grassroots Motorsports $2009 Challenge: Grassroots Motorsports Magazine
-Build a car for 2009 dollars that has to run autocross,dragrace,and be judged in a concours carshow.

Also...I have been running in autocrosses lately with this club...Martin Sports Car Club.They are out of Orlando,but race near me monthly.They will be providing the cones,timers,and other autocross supplies for the autocross portion of the 2009 challenge on Saturday.

Since they Martin club will be out there already,they are doing their Mini-prix on Sunday,while GRM does the Dragstrip/Concours portion of the 2009 challenge.
Here is a link to the MSCC club website.http://www.martinsportscarclub.net/homeScroll down for info and a link to registration.
Since it is an expensive event(renting the track for the day), and the club turnouts have been less lately,they are asking everyone to tell their friends,so this is what I am doing.
MSCC has some great drivers and some badass cars too!!

Some basic info.
-It is 55 bucks for non-members.
-There will not be any first-timers allowed,and NO Novice classes.(If you can prove that you have autocrossed before,you can run.You may need to email the club to verify eligability)I have run with the club and I am already paid and registered
-This is a roadcourse track,not parkinglot cone racing,so the speeds will be higher,thus the requirement for some experience.
-There will be driving instructors to help as well,or scare you in your own carI plan to get a few laps in with an instructor if possible.

-----Please be aware that unless your car is totally stock(if anybody is here) You will probably be in the Streetmod class(like me) and running against evos,sti,and a R35 GTR.
I raced this past Sunday,and was the only 2wd NA car,all the others were AWD and Turbo:oI dont care I am just having a blast with my car out there.

I cant wait,this is gonna be one fun filled weekend!!!

I think Tearoffguy is gonna run his nx too,since he ran this past Sunday with the club.

If you dont have experience or dont want to race ...come out and watch...ITS FREE

Anybody??? post here if you can make it out.
2009-09-16 19:10:01
Why Does it have to be in October! I would love to come to this Jay but unfourtanetly I will be in the midwest. Sounds like an awesome time though.
2009-09-19 11:14:29
don't think i'll be able to race but i would like to see the $2009 challenge. i've always just read about it.
2009-09-23 01:27:04
I'm registered

crazy how we are classed with Evo's, Sti's.,., haha

gonna be a blast
2009-09-23 22:04:08
We have a show on that Saturday, I am going to see if I can make arrangements to be off. If I can get off, Kimme and I will be there.
2009-09-23 23:10:15
Originally Posted by happynole
We have a show on that Saturday, I am going to see if I can make arrangements to be off. If I can get off, Kimme and I will be there.

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