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Thread: Beam Bending Party

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2009-08-12 15:44:08
Beam Bending Party
Hey any of you b14/15 guys out there looking to get there rear beam bent we are trying to get at least 6 people together.

From the non dash
Anyone interested in florida interested in getting beams bent? I didn't think there was a chance of organizing something like this in florida until I saw how many B15's showed up at the orlando meet. Steve (the beam bending guru) will fly out if we get at least 6 people paid. I don't know all of the details but according to this thread it would be about $267 per person if there were 6 people. The price would probably go down if more people were interested. I'll start the list:

1. Josh
2. Bobby

So is there any interest? I would be willing to drive anywhere in florida to get this done, but I would imagine somewhere in the orlando area would be best.
2009-08-12 16:01:30
depending on when i need to get my B14 finshed, id add my self to the list but theres no set time yet. so when the car gets done ill post up
2009-08-12 19:07:39
What are the benefits of doing this??? Sorry I'm too lazy to search right now
2009-08-12 19:13:47
My friend in Florida has a SE B14 converted to SE-R and I was telling him about this beam bending stuff. WHen u get a solid date and price I'll let him know I'm sure he'll want to get in on this.
2009-08-12 19:44:37
Originally Posted by TREYDEE
What are the benefits of doing this??? Sorry I'm too lazy to search right now

better handling, if im not mistaken it puts the rear at 0 toe, so the car does not under(or over, i forget)steer
2009-08-12 20:40:09
Originally Posted by NissanGuy
better handling, if im not mistaken it puts the rear at 0 toe, so the car does not under(or over, i forget)steer

Right it fixes the toe to eliminate much of the understeer associated with the B14's and 15's. Most people say it is one of the single best suspension mods you can do to a b14. Unfortunately to set a time, place and price we will need to get at least 6 people on board with this, otherwise we won't be able to get the guy to fly in from CO(he is one of two known people in the us that does this, other is a shop in California).
2009-08-13 00:25:02
Damn I would love to do it but almost 3 bills. Damn.... if more people get in I might be interested but not at that cost. Don't get me wrong tho.. its worth it.
2009-08-13 13:52:28
That cost isn't going to change too much... remember, there is labor involved here so he can only do so many beams per day. Maybe it's just me, but $300 seems cheap for the difference this will make. It's a better use of $300 than throwing that money towards any other suspension parts.

hiimrif - I'm interested, but I'm about 6 months away from being ready. Do you have a place picked out yet for Steve to do his work or are you just checking interest?
2009-08-13 15:41:00
Right now we are just trying to gauge interest. As this is a little difficult to get planned because we have to get 6 people payed to even get him out here. As we have to pay for a plane ticket a hotel room shipping for his tools etc. I think that we're trying to get this done sooner then six months out though. I don't have any other suspension work done to my car yet but still a chance to get this done i can wait on the rest of the stuff. I know there is a bit of interest over on the non dash. If we could get more then 6 and have it be two days worth of work then the prices would go down as the cost of the ticket and hotel would be spread out over more people. The actual cost of the bending is 150 so the cheaper the ticket we could get the lower the cost.

We also have been thinking that Orlando would be best as its fairly centralized in Florida and has cheap hotels and flights. Plus there is a rent a bay with a lift for like 10 dollars an hour that i know of, and some one else has offered up a shop with a dyno that we could do it at and have a dyno day at the same time.
2009-08-13 17:53:13
Yeah, I responded over on the other forum too. Orlando sounds good since it sounds like there are several people interested in this from that area. Travel and transportation are good into/around the area like you pointed out. My only concern is if it's held at a shop/home none of us own, then we don't control the location... which means something could always come up where that location might not be available at the last moment.

I'd suggest keeping the estimated price high rather than mention the possible reduced rate much. I'm budgeting $300 myself, if it works out to be less, great... but there are always people who back out and unexpected costs that come up. It always seems to work out best when the costs remain estimates but are transparent so everyone knows where there money is going in the end.

I can get my '96 running before 6 months... there really isn't much wrong with it, just need to put the cams back in and source a replacement timing chain tensioner. A few other small things is all.
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