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Thread: Sickkkk as FUUUU 200sx spotted in Tampa florida.Pics!!!

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2009-08-06 19:46:38
Originally Posted by Rodrigo
Grham this should be your next mod, forget the VE when you can have lime green hahahahha

Way ahead of you Rodrigo. Putting a bike rack on the roof and a keg with a tap going to my mouth for easy access. HIYOOO!
2009-08-06 20:59:20
I see that car alot... Whats better is a B13 4 door orange with like 22's on it... Its sick. lol
2009-08-06 21:11:45
hahaha, that's brilliantly awful. Some car trends just crack me up.
2009-08-06 21:24:02
Originally Posted by Chill
Well down here, I understand why he would use the term ghetto. Would it have been my choice of words? No. But he isn't wrong.

Majority, and when I say majority, it is heavily favored, most of the people who "Lift" their cars to make them dunks, live in the lower class areas. I should know lol. We see them throughout the state of Florida especially east of 95.

chill have you seen the purple escort around the palm beach lakes area with the snuggles bear in a cloud down the side of the car the cloud spells snuggles and its lifted ?.............. lol i love it
2009-08-06 21:34:47
People who do these mods are simply just looking for attention and so far with this thread the owner of the b14 has managed to do just that.
2009-08-07 00:08:02
what is real funny is that it doesn't look that much lifted at all. well the back for sure but not the front. everyone here know how are cars sat with stock suspension. but some big wheels on there and you are off.
2009-08-07 02:01:58
anyone else catch the dykeness? cuz it seems to fly over everyones head
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