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Thread: O.T. FL question

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2009-05-28 03:54:05
O.T. FL question
It's been crossing my mind to move down to FL. I started looking at places and I got lost so can someone give me an idea of which are some of the best places to live in FL. Here are some of things I'm looking for:

1. 1 to 1 1/2 hrs from beach
2. Condos/town homes/homes in the $80,000 to $110,000 range
3. Decent job opportunities (I'm multi-skilled)
4. Low crime rate

I'll be moving from GA. Give me some ideas guys.
2009-05-28 11:22:30
Well i can tell you this... you can get a hella good deal on a condo down here now. My 1/1 just sold for 49k when I paid 120k. And I'm about 15 mins from the beach. But jobs are the issue.
2009-05-28 13:24:59
Well I know Jobs are the issue everywhere but I feel like from what I hear from family the job situation its better over there than it is here in GA.
2009-05-28 13:41:24
well, it depends on what you're looking to do.

it's a buyers market for houses right now, and sh1t is super cheap.

tbh in retail i think there are jobs all over
2009-05-28 14:09:12
I don't think you're ever more than one hour away from the beach no matter where you live. I got a condo on Hollywood beach if you want to buy it
2009-05-28 16:25:19
How much? do you want to rent it?
2009-05-28 17:08:40
F the beach move to homestead.... it is cheap and we have the race track is here
2009-05-28 17:48:22
This can help. Visit the Florida Forum. Some of the stats are outdated but useful.

Stats about all US cities - real estate, relocation info, house prices, home value estimator, recent sales, cost of living, crime, race, income, photos, education, maps, weather, houses, schools, neighborhoods, and more
2009-05-28 18:01:05
Originally Posted by MR.
How much? do you want to rent it?

Where were you a few months ago? I just got a renter coming in June. You can always buy it as an investment property
2009-05-29 00:29:31
Central florida is nice (orlando) plenty of homes 4 sale on the cheap
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