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Thread: Jay Whitely?

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2009-04-08 21:02:31
Jay Whitely?
The phone number I have for him is no longer any good. Anybody have a recent number or can contact him for me. Either post here or pm me, please.

And also, it's not necessary for anyone to bash him or become a cheerleader for him, in this thread. I'm not looking for any "what he's done to me or what he's done for me" information... n'est pas?

2009-04-09 00:59:22
brandon nissan! good luck with him!
2009-04-09 01:09:22
Thanks for the info... it's not good luck I'm looking for.

2009-05-10 21:15:09
That went rather well, if just a bit frustrating for Jay... moving all the abs, ps and ac lines, having to retap and what not for all the original bolts.

Great job, though, as usual. I did have some time to talk with Jay about what's been going on with him for the last 3 years. Wondered why he had stopped working on cars so much and some other stuff.

Apparently, on one of his jobs, some analpunch decided to steal/take/sell all of his tools. A lot of his turbo parts, etc... That's the number one reason he no longer brings his stuff to anyone's house.

To reiterate, once again, Jay did a great job for me. And what's great, he also did all the small things that most people are unwilling to do... i.e., replacing vacuum hoses, cleaning and rethreading bolts, re-wiring, checking voltage and grounds. He does all this as a matter of course when he's working, not just the job he's already doing for you. Plus, he made up a list of things that will need to be done in the future and for me, it's all things that I can do for myself.

Also, thank God, he helped me, unasked, diagnose what the hell is wrong with my steering... jumpy all over the place, etc... I knew it wasn't the bushings on either of the control arms, not the wheel bearings and not the ball joints. It's the steering rack bushings. He even explained to me how to do them and what tools to use while the engine is still in the car. Doesn't sound like somebody trying to screw anyone over, does it?

Peas us Riced,
2009-06-09 22:04:12
Hey Mark...

Let me know if you want a second set of hands when you do the steering rack bushings.
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