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Thread: SE-R Convention Caravan

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2009-02-10 17:59:27
Originally Posted by Russell
Cool Serban. I will let them know.

So, How many people are caravaning from Florida???? We need a rough head count please.

I started a list in the first post, I really don't know how many of those names will actually be going though.

Originally Posted by SneakyOwner
Who knows if you want to stop in orlando I'll jump on.

Just meet up at GRM, we will be taking 95, stopping in Orlando will be real out of the way.
2009-02-10 21:12:30
Serban try to get a confirmed list of those who are coming along , You know how our meets all we say early 10 or whatever and people dont show until 12 or later ,
So if they are not there on time they will miss the caravan and will have to catch up once the mothership departs it on.

Sneaky GRM is your best bet, meet us there we are going to have a great time.
2009-02-10 23:34:11
Russell has a good idea. I'l leave a little early and meet everyone at GRM in Daytona.
2009-02-12 06:56:57
Originally Posted by Rodrigo
it should be a great ride, weather permiting .
also mention if you will just be driving with the caravan and or tracking your car.


good call, can't forget the rain-x, I have no wipers!
2009-02-12 13:20:08
Ok, the list in the first thread reflects everyone driving, who will be meeting up at GRM. Will, I left you up there, not sure if you're driving down to Daytona or not.

Everyone else I took off until you guys confirm you're going, just so we get an accurate count for Russ.
2009-02-15 22:56:23
Not Going :/...

2009-02-16 05:07:55
I'm in, gonna take care of the particulars this week.
2009-02-16 09:50:17
Originally Posted by b13sr20BB
I'm in, gonna take care of the particulars this week.

Yo Roger, just letting you know we have a crew of 4 cars going already. so if you drive both cars we got 6. This crew is rolling SR20DET or SR20VE. We have baned the SR20DE from our crew. I am sure that 3 other cars are coming with us but I got to get intouch with them.

Me 94 Sentra SER SR20VE
Nick 98 240sx SR20DET
John 95 G20T SR20VE
Nick 96 200SX SER SR20VE

Roger 92 Sentra SER SR20DET
Roger 94 Sentra SER SR20VE
2009-03-09 02:56:05
Well, lookee, here. A Caravan thread

So, guess what, I just registered and I'll be bring the 350SE-L Hopefully I can keep it on the track, I still need some serious beam bending. I'm going to try tweaking the suspension, once more, see if I can reduce any more understeer.

If anyone is looking for a roommate to divide the cost, let me know. I'll bring a sleeping bag, just in case.

On a side note, F^$K!! I'm going to miss the Festival of Speed in St. Pete. Me and some coworkers get to set up the event, which is only fun if you like to get behind the wheels of $1/2-Mil cars.
2009-03-09 03:11:45
Ahhh, you guys are killing me. I'm making the choice between:
a) Mingling with super-car owners

or b) All day track event plus show:
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