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Thread: Shuttle Launch

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2008-11-15 01:16:29
Shuttle Launch
Did anyone else watch it? If not... wow... missed a good show. It couldn't have been a more clearer night for it. I saw it as clear as day from my place.

And check this out... I don't know how many more missions its going to take.. but damn there is a lot more work left...

STS-126: Endeavour

click on the small vid where it says "full iss assembly 1998-2010"
2008-11-15 03:01:53
damn if i knew it was going to launch i would have check it out
2008-11-15 03:04:24
I saw it. It was awesome. Before they hit orbit they got to 2000 mph, and where at 270,000hp!

That's gotta be a rush.
2008-11-15 03:31:29
I saw it. I was driving on the turnpike heading to pbi raceway and it was the clearest view you could possibly ask for. Beautiful sight especially with the full moon out too.
2008-11-15 04:24:26
I went to my first NASCAR race today and started wondering why everyone was looking the other way. When I noticed why, it was gone
2008-11-15 15:19:14
I saw the freaking ending of it after the glowing fire that my neighbors were telling me about. I just got home from work and had no idea there was a launch.
2008-11-15 17:55:56
I was at work when I saw it, I was like WTF!! i Thought it was a missile or a shooting star I was amazing
2008-11-15 21:55:48
Yeah it was friggin cool

I whipped out my binoculars, i was able to see that sh!t up close FTW!
2008-11-16 23:59:11
My dad and I went out to some docks in Titusville and watched it. It was pretty off da chain!!! Lit up the sky almost like the sun was rising but at 8pm. Traffic outta that place was ridiculous though but I'd say it was worth it.
2008-11-17 01:10:43
Yea it was sick up here in Orlando. First one I've seen up here, it literally was like the sun was rising at 8pm
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