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Thread: Official Aperture Play.Com Photo Thread: Markham Park Meet

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2007-12-23 21:21:41
Originally Posted by 91grayDET
If we stepped up any more, the news woulda prolly showed up HA!

But seriously that was an awsome meet, prolly one of the best organized/turnouts outside of the convention....

I say we organize something maybe at the same park , possibly an itinerary ( i.e at 12 we start the grill, at 3 we start to organize pics etc. )

And as far as getting the convention down here, i think it should be in south Florida, we already know the numbers are here....The meet just solidified south Florida as one of the most tight knitted forum communities out there....

It could happen.
2007-12-23 21:37:34
Originally Posted by Sentrixx
It could happen.

I say we start the "Push for south Florida" convention soon.

Before the next meet is somewhere in like Alaska or something ( not that there's anything wrong with Alaska, but SoFla hasn't gotten a chance to shine yet ) .

Have the organizers work with the SoFla ppl ( i.e. reserve a track day, find a suitable place to meet etc. ) i'm sure there are plenty of ppl here that would step up and help coordinate things to make it happen...
2007-12-23 23:00:31
THAT IS SICK PHIL!!! Sweetness. Let us see the VIDS now!!!
2007-12-23 23:11:45
Sorry the photos went down for a few mins... my servers been taking in a high influx of requests... All should be good and well now...

And videos possibly in the near future
2007-12-24 07:51:29
Phil as always nice work.
2007-12-25 22:29:28
Originally Posted by SE-Rican

Damn bro you are still around

Is this the old school Yosho???

Lol, yep, sure is. I'm still kicken. I'm moving back to FL in a few months, next time you come down we'll have to hang out.

I'm happy to see the community moving in this direction. It gives me hope that there's reason for me to stay.
2007-12-27 00:41:04
Originally Posted by 91grayDET
I say we start the "Push for south Florida" convention soon.

Before the next meet is somewhere in like Alaska...

I read somewhere the convention gets about 70-80 cars. On that last meet alone we had about a third of that and that was a quickly put together meet. Not counting the people who backed down and only 3 counties.
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