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Thread: Having the ebay bushing kit and a Whiteline Flat out sway bar

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2019-08-14 17:53:14
Having the ebay bushing kit and a Whiteline Flat out sway bar
10 thousand miles ago I installed my Whiteline sway bar with original sway bar rubbers or how those are pronounced.

Since a few miles it rattles like I am towing a small caravan.

Now I do have the ebay bushing kit and those come with those rubbers.

However the Whiteline is a little thicker.

Any chance I can use my PU rubber? If so, how? those have holes meant for the original sway bar.
2019-08-14 19:16:54
Hog out the inside of the new eBay bushing with a rounded file or rotary rounded file to match the whiteline bar diameter.
2019-08-15 19:46:34
So you can confirm using the right size drill isn't a good idea? This is why I started this thread in the first place, thinkinh about that it might not work so well on PU.
2019-08-15 20:18:35
A powered drill at full song would melt it into a goopy mess. Maybe use light oil as drill lubricant and go slow and steady if you want to use a powered drill. If that is what you mean?
2019-09-15 05:31:04
My only option was leanding a rotary drill 18 millimeters. Now we just used that and drilled up to 17,6 millimeters. How ever the Aussies useless part said 18 millimeters. Drilling PU with 18 millimeters gives 17,6 millimeters. Excellent.

Here is the gap that is closeable without abusing the included metal part and bolts for fastening.

Here you can see that the included stabilazor rubbers are not up to the job. 10 thousand miles and totally shot.

The last bolt, six times placing the wrench tool per revolution. Also still room to stiffen it more.

The results, the yellow whiteline rubbers new installed where real crappy. The bar itself does not hold rust off very long but that is solvable. One should stop using that yellow stuff from whiteline, it is soft and it worn out oval. For driving, the car responds a lot better to road differences and it feels a lot mor solid at the back. Now my car is telling me what is wrong on the front (I have difference in settings there).

But Whiteline Flat out, indeed, their included PU did. Now I contact Whiteline aftersales and whine a bit, maybe they can tell me why I'm wrong with my assumptions that Whiteline has a nice stabilizer bar but you can forget the rest that they include with it. Newly installed! 10 thousand miles. After putting red PU in it, it actually lasted less then 5 thousand miles or not even at all, really u$ele$$ $waybar.

Thank you for your help I got a stiff stabilizer bar now, let's see how long the PU will hold. Stiffness compared but pushing your thumb in it, PU more then twice as stiff. I really wonder what that yellow stuff has been made of.

Topic solved!
2019-09-15 19:00:26
I noticed my last post was a bit unclear. I meant after installing the red PU, it told me by lack of road noise, those yellow ones might have lasted 5000 miles or didn't work at all. I'll complain when a have bought a pricey product that are also sold as a complete solution but have questionable necessities included.

Putting my finger in the yellow ones told me it was so much different in stiffness I wondered if that is PU. The swaybar itself rusted nicely and I know it is in a bad spot but I will mention it with Whiteline .au

Maybe the can learn me something about car behaviour and their product, that is my real goal for the rest I would like to tell them that their sway bar is good but the rest of it isn't.
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