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Thread: CV joint boot torn for third time in a row

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2019-08-02 21:04:34
CV joint boot torn for third time in a row
I have an anoying problem and that is that within six or seven years my cv joint boot has torn, frontwheel engine side. The mileage is close to a mere 10000 for all three. Besides that I'm not so happy with realigning my car, I was told orginal cv joint boots should last eight years and that is also the lifetime I am aiming for.

Could there be a mishap responsible for tearing my cv joint boot? I was not able to figure or find any.

And another thing I wonder, if I write tri-pod, does that sound familiar to you? Besides that I now have noticed there are different sizes shown for the same axle with my favourite OEM parts dealer, I also have learned that there are different fitment types (something along doesn't really fit but it should work, fits with adjustment and completely fitting) and I could use a refresh on how a Nx2000 axle is constructed and what boot requirements are needed. I only know that one OEM brand, Spidan which might sound familiar or not since I live in Europe, which has no triple sparing for this axle. I know a decent tiewrap prevents any leakage but I also know not all annual inspection mechanics find this acceptable (while I do believe no sign of leakage means they shouldn't bring it up anyway).

Would there be a non Nissan boot available that does have the sparing I mentioned? If not, any recommendations for least action involved fitment?
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2019-08-04 10:34:18
Snap-on makes really neat elastic boots that work well and you can view, here.. Snap-on Store The problem is the driver's side inner has an odd shape that most aftermarket boots will not fit correctly. I always use the OEM boot kit for that driver's side inner. The rest do not matter as much.

Is your car lowered? The Outer boots are the same. the passengers side inner is the same. But that drivers side inner is different.

If the boots are ripping because the car is lowered too much, then you should raise the car up to stop the harsh angle from tearing the boot from the strut suspension movement.

If the boots are ripping because stuff is getting caught in the "valleys" of the boot, try loosely circling the "valleys" with zip-ties to stop debris from lodging into the valleys causing rupture to the boot.

Hope that helps.

2019-08-08 23:37:58
Ah yes I see. The car is lowered 35mm. But the boot does has tight valleys as you described. I'll zip-tie them, I'm pretty sure that is the problem. Thank you!
2019-08-14 17:38:48
While I do have a oem boot around I decided to order another one. This one has three ribs instead of the more common 4 ribs.

That image belongs to AUTODOC – online car parts store with over 1 million auto parts that is the closest thing as a European version of RockAuto

Will see if ty-wraps still be helpful. I probably put those in place anyway.

I'll investigate with someone who has been working for a Nissan garage, why my left boot is showing an angle from where the extra wear comes from while the other doesn't. Does someone understand why the driver sides boot might be off and the other is properly fit (also noticed since it doesn't last as long as it should).
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2019-09-01 20:39:11
I've gotten this fixed! The three ribs boot I've gotten seems not to need a ty-wrap when I turn the wheel. I hope this boot will last.

I have no photo with the older boot still in good shape so you will have to take my word for it was a problem.
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2019-09-02 11:10:11
The 3-rib boot looks less likely to keep road debris snatched up between itself so it should last longer from the last photo you posted.
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