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Thread: Clutch cable adjustment

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2018-01-21 19:26:52
Clutch cable adjustment
Feeling like a bit of a dummy right now. I’ve been driving a car with a hydraulic transmission too long to forget when the cable transmission should be engaging/grabbing lol(sold my previous b13 and had gotten a couple VWs before buying my current b13)

Also, I’m running a stock clutch (or the exedy oe replacement) and only somewhat remember how it felt when I get my 6puck ACT clutch in my old b13.

I got new clutch cable in and it feels amazing (like butter lol) thanks to Greg at gspec.

As far as adjusting it, the pedal has no free play before tension or pressure from the cable working but the clutch is engaging towards the top end of releasing the pedal.

My question would be, should I loosen or tighten the clutch cable a bit and if so which direction would be which? Moving the nut on the cable closer the firewall or away?

I forget but is the clutch supposed to engage/grab midway depressing the pedal or am I fine?

Thanks in advance fellas
2018-01-21 19:37:57
If you wish to Loosen, Move the adjustment nut towards the front end of the car (away from the firewall). That will slack the cable more form the pivot point to your foot, thus lowering the friction point.

The clutch can grab wherever you like it. That is one beauty of the mechanical setup. Full on customization. The stock clutch surface is no where near as sticky as a 6 puck as you recall. I am sure you had a fancy pressure plate in there further making this difficult to remember. From what you describe, sounds like a normal healthy clutch as long as the engagement pressure is not overwhelming, sounds like a new a fresh setup. There are OEM specs for the clutch lash that I could quote, but you can put the clutch friction point where you want it for the most part.
2018-01-21 19:42:14
Technically the clutch is supposed to start grabbing halfway up the pedal travel. Although you can adjust it to your taste (I like mine to grab a bit lower, near the floor) within reason. As Kyle said, that's one of my favorite advantages of a cable setup.

Tighten the cable (make it shorter) and your clutch grab point will rise higher up the clutch pedal. Loosen up the cable (make it longer) and the grab point will move down toward the firewall.
As long as the clutch is fully engaged when the pedal is up, and fully disengaged when the pedal is down, you're good to go.

It sounds like you just need to loosen up the cable to move the grab point lower down the pedal. To accomplish that, you will be backing the nut off and moving the nut farther away from the firewall (toward the radiator).

Often combinations of cables and pressure plates (maybe even clutches) conspire to prevent the cable from being tight enough. Even OEM setups can exhibit this behavior if the cable is stretched enough (this is not your problem, I'm just mentioning for completeness). Most of us like to solve this problem with either Andreas Miko's "clutch saver" bracket with included cable adjustment spacer, or in a pinch you can put in a couple large washers to space out the cable from the bracket.
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2018-01-21 20:03:12
Awesome and makes me feel more comfortable driving it now. And yeah my ACT clutch disk was paired up with their heavy duty pressure plate

Thanks for the details and specifics. I was curious if it was just me or if it seemed like there is technically no specific or required grabbing point. Going to loosen it up a bit and see how it feels otherwise I might finally pull the trigger and pick up the clutch saver because I’ve been eyeing it since when I had my old b13 many years ago (at least I think I did at the time lol)
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2018-01-21 21:43:43
You want about 1/8" freeplay in the clutch fork where the cable goes on or youll wear about your tob and retainers

That will usualy make no free play at the top of the pedal and a midway engagement
2018-01-21 22:58:59

Good to know, thanks I’ll do that in the morning!
2018-01-23 20:57:10
Any luck?
2018-01-23 21:37:56
Two days later, hasn't driven car since last post.... haha. Don't hold us in suspense!
2018-01-24 11:42:33
Loll, sorry guys I was wicked busy yesterday at work.

Didn’t get a chance to adjust it but I’m off today so I’m going to try it out a little later before heading out to the store. I’ll keep you folks updated.
2018-01-29 21:53:09
Lynch and Kyle-
Sorry for the suspense lol. I finally had the chance to adjust it on Saturday and I'm going to give it a could spins back tomorrow before work. I ended up getting it to grab closer to the floor but I'm afraid it might be grabbing a tad too low.

Thanks again for the feedback and interest with how I've been making out.
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