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Thread: B15 Transmission linkage and switches question

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2016-04-03 15:29:55
B15 Transmission linkage and switches question
Just got a B15 lsd transmission yesterday. My B13 has been in the garage for a long time. Has anyone used the B15 linkage in their B13? In my search I saw a couple posts that say use the B15/P11 linkage as if they were interchangeable or fit the B13 shifter. However, I could not find any pic to back up the statement. I think the B15 linkage is easier to get than the P11 one. Second question is about the neutral and reverse switches, I got the transmission with the switches, but not the wiring harness. Should I get the "pigtails" from the B15 and splice them to the B13 connectors? If I read right, the B13 switches don't fit in the B15 housing?
2016-04-04 03:54:54
I just installed my b15 tranny today, stock b13 or should i say stock nx2k linkage since i did everything by myself i damaged the reverse and neutral switches but if im not mistaken you cut the stock reverse plug and yes wire it to the pig tail of the b15 switch i think no need for neutral switch unless you got lauch control or something like that? I just trimmed the solid rod to stay away (1" inch to the passenger side ) away from the rod that attaches to the tranny fork or it looks like a robot arm (U) shappe rod, so far mine shifts great! On stock linkage im not sure it can get any better than this im not sure if using p11 or b15 linkages will do any better than what i have know not sure whats the big hippe about em i left 3 or 4 left on junk yards youll be good , speedo sensor just put yours in not sure if yours is cable or electric, my nx had electric i just swapped and plug , also would recommend filling your tranny fluid in the same hole where you put your speedo its wider and saves alot of time than just make sure you dont put too much lol dont be scared everything will be good dont spend hours on those other threads all they do is make you dont wanna do the swap or make if semms like its too difficult to do it , hope it helps and encourage you to do it
2016-04-04 15:37:09
Thanks for the response. I just went to the junkyard and got the b15 linkage and shifter. I will see if the length is the same when I'm home. I just dont way to grind away if I don't have to.
2016-04-04 16:43:17
Oh cool yeah the way i see it its some people intall the car in the transmission other people install the transmission in the car 2 way different things of looking at it
2016-07-10 06:39:18
HI guys just want to know if the b15 linkage worked on your b13 because I just put my b15 transmission in but the shifting rod hits the stabilizer bar,
2016-07-11 01:44:13
I welded my stabilizer bar to the crossmember... no grinding of the shifter bar.
2016-07-11 02:43:33
Originally Posted by upstate240sx
I welded my stabilizer bar to the crossmember... no grinding of the shifter bar.

hhhmmm. interesting... do you have pictures? I would like to see it.
2016-07-11 12:49:05
I'll get some when I get home today, there is a little spot on the cross member that can sort of cradle the stabilizer rod. Problem is now I want to do my rear motor mount and either need to drop the cross member and stabilizer rod, or grind out the weld :/

I didn't think too many people were interested in this issue anymore.... I personally thought grinding the shifter portion was silly.
I'll probably end up dropping my cross member today, I bet I can probably piece together a bracket that can bolt to the b15/p11 tranny and address this issue.
2016-07-11 13:00:54
In my case I dont have the bracket that holds the stabilizer rod on the engine mount braket so im looking for diferent ideas to fit it.

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2016-07-11 14:50:06
Where abouts are you located?
Can you weld?

Honestly the stock b13/b14 stabilizer to engine mount bracket only puts your stabilizer bar in a position to interfere with the shifter. The weld i did was supper easy there are probably a dozen locations under there that might work too
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