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Thread: Final drive replacement help

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2016-02-08 18:19:23
Final drive replacement help
Has anyone here replaced their final drive gear? I am replacing the diff with the mfactory unit and while i was in there decided to change the final drive gear for the track. i have everything appart but am having trouble separating the gears off the factory gear shaft to swap to the new shaft. if any of you have done this and have any input on what tool is best to press the old gears off it would be greatly appreciated.

2016-02-08 21:02:42
A press
2016-02-08 23:09:41
I got the press part. I am having trouble finding the right tool to grab the gears without damaging them to use with the press to get them off the shaft
2016-02-10 05:30:58
ATD Tools ATD-3056 5-Ton Bar-Type Puller, Bearing Separator Set
2016-02-13 16:03:52
Found the right one at harbor freight and got everything taken care of
2016-02-15 18:13:32
what was the product number? maybe a pic so in the future people can search and find this info.
2016-02-25 22:36:27
Originally Posted by autoxse-r
Found the right one at harbor freight and got everything taken care of

I busted one of these trying to remove gears off the shaft on a FS5R30A 5-speed RWD trans. Biggest junk ever!! Luckily it didn't break the gear teeth when it broke apart.
2016-03-30 01:34:01
Just wondering, what FD did you put in. I went to a 4.4
2016-03-31 01:34:32
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