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Thread: hydraulic conversion questions for b14

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2015-05-16 00:00:08
2015-05-16 18:36:32
Originally Posted by eggman
what a pain in the ass this conversion is...too many options and scattered info everywhere
Just when I thought I had the right pedal for my B13,I find contradicting info all over.

I hope someday someoen will compile all the CORRECT info for this separating B14 B13 and whatever else.It would sure make life easier for us...it sucks messing with the pedal under the dash too just to try stuff over and over...bleed and bleed...LOL

@eggman.i know what you mean.i read them all I'm pretty sure on the dash.here is the link I posted what I read and for anyone else where I got my info.

mr.Dave M. Thread

Mr. Speculative thread


Jay121312 thread


93 specs thread


98 se-r thread p11 parts for b14

How to: Cable to Hydraulic clutch - SR20 Forum

Eric96se-r thread

How To: Hydraulic clutch converstion - SR20 Forum

sorry if I have forgot to mention you guys but thanks for these threads.

Realizing there are a lot of different ways to do it. From what it looks like so far, the infinity g20 has the spacer , that we have on the inside of our b chassis, incorporated in the master cylinder housing ,which is why the spacer was removed on the 98 se-r thread. Mr.speculative thread he removed the spacers on the clutch pedal and firewall, but then you have
Eric 96 se-r state that he had a problem with mc adjustment
on his. There's also holes to be drilled to plumb your mc on the firewall.maybe this is the reason one or the other needs to be removed from clutch pedal or firewall with the b15 setup? I don't know Remember the b13 and b14 front ends are similar in a way.they utilize a spacer for a clutch pedal.the maxima has the spacer (I know from when I pulled the 99 maxima pedal assembly and mc from the car itself) I don't know if the altima had it. Or a g20 or a b15. The pedal on the b14 was not bad.its the clearance that you lack.if you remove the metal braces under the steering wheel along with that control box that's held with 2 10 mm bolts You have decent room to remove.turns the stroke job to only needing a cigarette after you're done (or 2 or 3) there's also part of the wiring harness that needs to be gently pushed out the way to mount the pedal a little easier. My quest on this thread is to post up my adventure tackling a b14 and posting all info and progress I can .it's a pain bro don't get me wrong. But I figured I take a couple of shots since the community doesn't hear that much of me, but got my eyes n ears on the community.(most the time)
2015-05-16 18:38:14
If anyone has pictures or info about this conversion whether the b chassis is 14 or 13 is much appreciated.
2015-05-16 19:04:27
Originally Posted by Keo
sir, why are you coming at me like I never help the community?

edit: that is not a 95-99 maxima clutch pedal, that's a 00-03 max pedal. issue #1 there.

it is from a 99 maxima bro.pulled it off of it myself. Maybe they are different between years? I'm pretty sure a bracket can be made.saw it made on Manny thread.functional 100 percent. I was confused because it did not look the same.his pedal had The side hole mounting point as well .when I removed the pedal from the max, believe it was a gle.fully loaded, that's the kind of assembly it had.was the 95-99 chassis.
2015-05-16 20:18:55
yours looks 100% 00-03 pedal
2015-05-17 00:32:44
Really?.i found someone parting out a 97 maxima locally from maxima.org went there n pulled it. Strange.wonder if they were made a little different .
Last edited by rojeda1217 on 2015-05-23 at 21-10-35. Reason: Wrong year of part car
2015-05-17 04:15:08
nope, i check the part #. the 95-99 are the same number and the 00-03 are different and then checked the yard to verify.
2015-05-17 13:07:05
Numbers off of this maxima pedal.

This was off the 4th Gen maxima pedal I pulled.
2015-05-23 21:04:44
Infinity p11 clutch line dampener.

b15 clutch master cylinder

2015-05-23 21:06:24
I will be retrofitting the clutch master cylinder resavoir assembly off of the b15 and putting it on the maxima clutch master cylinder.today or tomorrow, I will be installing it with the p11 clutch pedal.i hope this works...
Last edited by rojeda1217 on 2015-05-23 at 21-08-12.
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