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Thread: hydraulic conversion questions for b14

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2015-05-24 00:39:31
Master cylinder resavoir assembly swapped from the b15 to the cmc of the maxima

2015-05-24 03:56:17
Keo is right, I pulled the clutch pedal from an 03 Maxima and it was exactly like you have pictured. 2 bolts holding it up top.

I skimmed through the thread but from researching and getting ready to do this in my B14 I've come to this conclusion on the best method of conversion for B13/B14

B13 = Altima Pedal (lines up just needs widening of bolt hole) with Max CMC + B15 Remote
B14 = Pre 2000 Maxima Pedal with Max CMC + B15 Remote. Bracket needs to be made.

I'm still in need of the Max pedal and bracket, but I have always thought someone should make those brackets for the community to plug and play this bitch. I couldn't imagine it being hard for someone with the tools
2015-05-24 06:52:42
Ok I used 1999 p11 everything from lsd tranny, pedal, Mc slave reservoir, I made the 3rd top hole wider on the pedal to the stud inside the firewall and fit nice on my b14 I left the firewall bottom spacer in and finally I ended up removing stupid dampner on the Mc since I had extreme pressure act pressure plate and all my gears shifts are great I hope it helps and I'll try to add some pics
2015-05-25 21:15:19
P11 pedal how it sits, lower spacer on only with bigger hole on the 3rd top bolt [URL="http://"]http://[/URL]
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2015-05-25 21:26:05
You can see how a little shave with a drill it's needed to be able to thread the bolt [URL="http://"]http://[/URL]
2015-05-25 21:33:12
2015-05-25 21:39:16
2015-05-25 21:45:54
I was able to keep my cruise control just pushed to the side and add reservoir and secured it on its place [URL="http://"]http://[/URL]
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2015-05-25 21:54:26
Dampner removed went to vatozone and grabbed female/female piece [URL="http://"]http://[/URL]
2015-05-25 22:00:29
WARNING this was done on a b14, Hope it helps anybody doing this upgrade not as a nightmare story as everyone tells I was able to do this on my trailer park driveway no shop no welder needed again 1 thing that helped me was to find a p11 manual so I took everything from bolts to tranny
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