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Thread: Clutch wont release

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2014-07-19 05:31:14
Clutch wont release
Hello Guys,

Just wondering, I just replace my clutch disc with 6 pack. but still using the OEM pressure plate. For normal driving, it seems the clutch holds fine. Ofcourse I did do the 500 mile break in. However after the break in then when I try to do real run. Whenever I shift either 1st to 2nd or 2nd to 3rd @7krpm. Th RPM won't go down. it stay at around 7k rpm it seems that the the clutch is not holding. I need to pump again the clutch so that it will release. Would it be the pressure plate can't hold on to the clutch disc? Thanks for your response
2014-07-19 05:40:32
How much power are you making?

this sounds like more of an (improper) installation issue to me -but why you'd go to all the trouble to put a strong disc in and keep the OEM pressure plate (which sucks in the B13 and B14 btw) doesn't make much sense? I suppose it could be possible the OEM PP is having a difficult time without a sprung disc but I'd think it would just stop grabbing all together.
2014-07-19 13:04:33
The 6 puck disc may be thicker then the oem disc. This will cause the pressure plate and flywheel to still be in contact with the friction material. This is why you should use matching parts. You have two options drive it until the disc wears down and works as you want it to or replace the disc/pressure plate for the matching unit. Good luck.
2014-07-19 13:28:35
^^ good point, hadn't thought of it wearing it down. one of the few times a problem could potentially get BETTER.
2014-07-20 03:35:49
is your clutch pedal getting stuck to the floor or having a hard time coming back up to the top?
2014-07-20 07:18:09
^^^Need more info

Did you replace the Clutch Release bearing, Clutch Release Bearing clips ???

Clean & lube the clutch release arm and the snout that the clutch release bearing rides on ???

How is the clutch cable condition ???
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