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Thread: GI: 70 Series Transmission gear brace

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2014-05-17 13:00:26
GI: 70 Series Transmission gear brace
Just seeing how would be interested in buying a transmission gear brace for the 70 Series (2000+ G20 & B15 2.0L) transmission. These are made for drag racing that better supports your gears from separating that leads to breaking. For those who follow drag racing you will notice most drag cars, Honda's especially, run them. This part replaces your 5th gear. If I can get 10 people it would be $200+USPS. If I can get 5 it would be $225+USPS.

Here is the link for the R&D


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2014-05-23 13:23:58
2014-05-24 23:00:58
i cant believe the lack of interest in this cuff...omg...this is the most dopest thing for drag....im staying tuned in for some real world street reviews.....guys these things are what fwd hondas use to put mass power to the ground using "stock trans" cars and we automatically assume it has no cuff...its cuffed!...very cool guys...i wonder if a cuff would even hold the shitbox b13 trans together for high torque
2014-05-26 03:14:50
This is very slick indeed. Is @kevwal still going to test it?

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2014-05-26 09:56:58
No interest so no need to test. Good thing I made it with the intention for personal use. Its installed on my 70v
2014-05-26 11:07:36
I was going to put it in a spare tranny just to test it for him but I don't really race my car anymore. If I wasn't building a RWD car for the track I would be all over this.
My car is just a street car now so I need five gears.
2014-05-27 22:11:34
Sometimes this fwd scene just has me stuck. I should have jumped on the Honda bandwagon. I'd be all over it if I wasn't going in a different direction with my car.
2014-05-28 15:14:15
I guess most of the guys here drive their cars on the street instead of racing them. This is more for the racecar than the street car. There's probably 3-4 times more Hondas out there so that's why it's such a big seller for them. Most people don't buy our cars and say "let me turn this car into a racecar". A civic is just another civic but a SER is a collectible item. At least to me.
2014-05-28 19:34:23
im interested but never opened a trans before. i would love to have this for my drag b14 and funds are low until i get my ve
2014-05-28 19:40:22
What about a brace that bolts to the top of the trans in the b15/p11 cars mount holes and the clutch crabke bracket like they did in motoiq? I think that would help a ton.

this is what Im talking bout. isn't this @Rockwood 's p10?
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