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Thread: Manual trans mount wtf?!

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2014-02-09 18:30:18
Manual trans mount wtf?!
Got a 92 b13 ser I'm trying to replace the trans. Mount anchor#8315 and it don't fit! I got it from rock auto checked 91,92,93 all have the same 8315 mount listed. Has anyone had this issue before? It's shaped differently than the o.e. Mount so the bolt holes don't line up. Any help would be appreciated, I'd hate to take the grinder to it but it may come down to that ughhhhh!
2014-02-09 18:43:37
post some pics please.maybe you got a 1.6 mount?
I do know for a fact that the 1.6 and 2.0 trans mounts are different .One is stamped MX(1.6) and one is stamped BX(2.0).
2014-02-09 19:02:55
2014-02-09 19:07:09
2014-02-09 19:08:04
I posted pics. But it said I have to wait for a moderator to approve the image FML
2014-02-09 19:40:36
I had the same issue with RA. They sent that exact mount you have. I just got my money back and pressed a prothane in. IDK if it's for a 1.6 or auto 2.0, but I know there wasn't any way to make it work.

I ordered mine from here.

Prothane trans mount insert

Full prothane mount kit
2014-02-09 20:37:01
The difference between 1.6 and 2.0 is length....so the 3 bolts line up on the trans but the hole that the long bolt goes through wont line up.
It sounds to me like you got a totally different mount...maybe for auto trans?

BTW you dont have a high enough post count thats why you need approval for a pic.
Post in some threads to get your count up,and you will be good. Theres a min post count for new members to keep spammers at bay
2014-02-09 20:48:50
rockauto does that same shit with g20 mounts, they sent me an auto one..

either way most if not all "part store" or "rockauto" type mounts are shit an dont last very long at all
2014-02-09 20:53:21
Damn newb. Status.... Yeah I've ALWAYS had issues with anchor mounts for nissan. I figured out its so far off no amount of grinding will let it fit. I have another b13 with the prothane already pressed in so I just swapped it off that car and I'll deal with that one when I do the ve swap. Thanks guys!
2014-02-10 00:47:29
Thats auto mount
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