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Thread: RS5F70A trans with 4.4 FD for turbo... yes or no?

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2014-01-13 14:51:48
Torsen-based (helical) generally need zero maintenance. But they go open-diff when one tire leaves the ground and they are a bit better than VLSD.

The clutch-type one would need replacement of the friction plates eventually depending upon a few factors. This is the best possible type out there. Cusco units, Nismo units follow this particular style of LSD.

VLSD just wear out and have no service period. Replace or let it die. They are better than open, but not much better.
2014-01-22 19:45:19
Originally Posted by groundscraper
Originally Posted by Kyle
What do you plan on using the car for? DD? Weekend warrior? Track junky?

I use it mainly in the street, when i´ll go meet my friends, ocasional friendly comparison, ocasional gatherings and shows, stuff like that... on 8 of march i´ll do my first track outing, but it´s a really small Kart track, organized by a local nissan club(more drfit)... nothing really serious really...

I want the car to be really driveable and pleasureable... i think the quaife really suits... doesn´t the Helical Mfactory need maintenance?

About the 4.4 right now, i´m pending more not too...

What size tires are you using?

I auto-x my P11 turbo and found a decent combination. I have a stock gtir motor with S15 BB t28 turbo and at 16psi 2nd gear has a slow spin and starts to grip as mph goes up. I've pulled up to some evolution here and they got a big surprise when I pulled away from them in second gear. I have the p11 lsd gearbox and use 255/40-17 tires up front(not gonna fit in stock wheel arches and you need like 15 offset wheels to be able to turn lock to lock. 235 also was good grip as well so you may want to try out different tire sizes.

My lsd has seen better days as well so maybe 235 tires and a good lsd would be the ticket I would think. I have another vlsd that I will probly install the PG but we will see.
2014-01-22 20:10:49
Like i said previously, i live in a stupid country when it comes to laws and legalizing tyres is a big expensive deal... so i´m stuck to 195/45R16, i wanted 225/40r16 or 215/45r16, but they refused saying that that surpassed the 5% limit of tyre circunference from stock, so they would not do it... even 16´s it was needed an engeneer to test drive the car(for some hefty euros) to aprove legalizacion, next i had to pay some more to the government... it´s so revolting...

I´m trying to find another way to do it... but right now i need a LSD and better quality rubber...
2014-01-24 19:26:27
wow does that suck, you have a battle my friend with the 195, and can you not go 15" and then maybe you would have better luck. I think 225/50/15 is about the same is it not?
in all honestly, 300hp on those tires and dirty roads on a fwd car is going to be extremely difficult to find traction but the lsd will help a bit but you still got little rubber on the pavement.
2016-06-05 20:39:40
Hi guys, bringing this back... i have since installed a Mfactory LSD and the GB and have now, almost 2 years later, f*cked the 70A...

The gearbox goes in too all gears but makes strange noises, whining, and reverse hard to go in... 4.14 sr20 70a´s are near impossible to find, qg18de 4,44 ones are rare but i know a few... so i´m really considering buying one and change LSD and bellhousing, using the shorter F/D...

It all dependes on the state of the GB, so stay tuned, and i´ll take pictures... if qg18de is swapable is really good info for us EU guys...
2016-06-06 12:06:34
So you used this lsd?

MFactory® R&D - Helical LSD?

How was it?
Thinking about getting one.
2016-06-06 18:18:20
Originally Posted by upstate240sx
So you used this lsd?

MFactory® R&D - Helical LSD?

How was it?
Thinking about getting one.

Best mod i done to my car... i love it... being an overpowered FWD it´s a must... it´s still spins but way less and far more predictable and fast...

It´s usefull traction wise but the most amazing thing it´s cornering and braking and overall feel... it´s another car, just wish i could put it all on the ground when i want to, but i´m limited to narrow tyres(by law)... it´s been pretty reliable so far... i had an odd halfshaft popout but i thinking nothing to do with the diff, but...
2016-06-06 18:29:31
so even though its marketed for the rs5f30a it works for the rs5f70a?
2016-06-07 08:46:11
Exactly... in mine did... but there´s talk of 2 types of 70A, with diferent bolt pattern on crown wheel...
2016-06-18 23:12:15

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