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Thread: 6 speed axle bind

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2014-01-09 01:40:55
6 speed axle bind
Im trying to figure out if this b13 machined hub will cause axle binding, I have read about this a little however, I really don't car for switch hubs or giving up my big brake upgrade...

6 speeders what route have you take ?

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2014-01-09 01:54:42
Some had issues and others didnt, there is several things that can cause it such vehicle height and how straight the axle is going to the hub. Its only the driver side axle that people have had issues with. I didnt have issues with mine with both the hybrid set and with the spec v midshaft and then when i went to the 100% spec v hubs/brakes/axles
2014-01-09 02:01:52
6 speed axle bind
You had issues with neither? I plan on raising the ride, just thinking about the most affordable way to go about it.

As I understand it's possible with spec v shafts and spec v spindles on b13 hubs

I don't want to really change my break set up I have the 11 inch rotor set

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2014-01-09 03:14:12
11" rotor for what? I dont understand why people do those big brake upgrades hard as hell to fit a slick and you arent road racing so seems pointless to me
2014-01-09 06:15:03
Damn morgan you're on a realtalk spree. First gtir motor now bbks. Can't say I disagree though.
2014-01-09 07:36:18
I had to make a hybrid b13/15 driver axle, im on road magnet springs which IIRC is a 1.5" drop from stock.
At first, I tried an aftermarket b15 axle and it caused binding.

Originally Posted by Zeek234

As I understand it's possible with spec v shafts and spec v spindles on b13 hubs

You understand what now?
... if you're using specv axles and specv spindles; why try to use the b13 hub b/c it would have to be splined for the b15 axle?
2014-01-09 14:05:04
I made a hybrid axle with a b13 lsd axle shaft and specv ends. had to get a specific spec axle though. 03 non abs i think. you need the one that has the same style inner cv joint as the b13 lsd axle. doing this stopped my wheel bearing on the driver side from going out. I'm using spec v spindles and hypercoil springs.
2014-01-09 15:13:03
Yeah, the OEM non abs 03 axles are the correct ones and you have to have the oem b13 axle to make this work. The oem's use a 3 roller inner cv, just as the 03 non abs axles do. If you use any other axle it will most likely have the different style 6 roller ball inner and way larger shaft and spline count.

Its tricky to find the right parts but best to get oem ones on ebay from junkyard cars to make the sets. So far ive made 3.

Whats weird is on this last setup, i got the car done and my hybrid axle actually pulled all the way out of the inner cv joint and fell apart when I was making a sharp left turn and hit a bump. I never had issues with the Spec V axle and hub setup with binding.
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