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Thread: Building a Transmission Gear Cuff for the P11 2000-2002

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2014-01-31 20:05:48
Installed!!!!! Looks great and everything fits the way I thought it was but I can't confirm 100% until I have the actual piece made. I'll make it a bit wider where the bearing sits seeing that I have space by the selectors. I should have it within 2 weeks.

2014-01-31 21:18:37
Looks like it's going to work.
Did you install the case to see if the spacing is good?
I don't see why it was such a problem for the big companies to fab this up. Sometimes you have to take a chance with a product.
2014-01-31 21:22:45
I'll put the case on tomorrow. Got to get a magnet cuz one of the balls bell into the hole with selector shaft goes in
2014-01-31 23:41:52
Awesome, looks great man.

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2014-02-01 04:49:27
Props to Mr. Dave for doing this. All we need now is some gear stacks then it's time to play.....
2014-02-01 14:08:14
Originally Posted by Kleensleeper
Props to Mr. Dave for doing this. All we need now is some gear stacks then it's time to play.....

Trust me you are dead on. If we could get a custom geared stack life would be perfect.
2014-02-01 20:56:10
MFactory said they would do the 3rd and 4th for us but we need 10 at $1500 +/-
2014-02-01 21:35:08
We made a quick look inside my B13 trans today and Dave said he may look into options for a cuff there to. That was after assembling the straight cut PAR and Quaife trans today. Only thing that it needs is a cuff.

2014-02-02 12:07:26
I noticed that the guys making them for the Hondas use one regular bearing and one sealed bearing. Is there any reason for why they did that?
2014-02-02 13:05:53
Not that I see. Its all fitment IMO.
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