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Thread: SR Flywheels

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2009-03-20 16:52:07
Just took my SR16 flywheel to the nearest machine shop (Happens to be at NAPA) and dropped it off to be resurfaced. Should be done later today!
2009-05-15 06:33:36
I have been using a JUN superlight flywheel with an AP racing paddle clutch on my gti-r for about 40000km.
After inspection the flywheel was still in perfect shape.
Then i changed to a fidanza, but believe me the machinng precision is not even near to the one found on the JUN. So it is time for an OS giken twin plate for me.
2009-05-16 21:19:16
Originally Posted by Vadim

Stillen / AASCO

Part #: 451605 - Mfg # 101701-11
Teeth: N/A
Material: 7075-T6, Non-weldable aluminum, stronger than 6061.
Advertised Weight: 9lbs
Actual Weight: 9.6lbs
Retail Price: 432.08
Street Price: ~$335
Link to Item

Originally Posted by How

The stock SR20DE flywheel is 18 lbs. Lightened flywheels are offered by Jim Wolf Technology, Fidanza, Unorthodox Racing, Stillen, and Clutchmasters. All are made of aluminum and weigh between 8-12 lbs. They are all fabricated with 6061-T6 aluminum billet, except the Stillen flywheel, which is made of 7075-T6, a non-weldable aluminum that is stronger than 6061. They all use a stock steel starter ring and have a replaceable steel friction surface for the clutch disc.

JUN offers both a 9.5-lb and a 10.5-lb flywheel. The 9.5-lb flywheel is milled on the periphery to be a pound lighter. The JUN flywheels are pretty trick. They are forged from 4340 high-nickel chrome-moly steel, a highly ductile and tough steel alloy usually used for axles and gears. One advantage of the JUN flywheels is the starter ring gear is forged in place, a stronger design than the stock-type ring gears found on the other aluminum flywheels. The only disadvantage to the JUN flywheels is thay can't be resurfaced, a downside especially if you are running a metal disc. (HP Books, Author Sarah Forst, all rights reserved).

Damn, I love that book.

I have one of the Stillen flywheels. Love it. It took me about an hour to get used to it. No problems whatsoever after the initial, easy, painless learning curve. Really just a different feel to get used to when starting from a dead stop.

Makes proper "rev matching" when downshifting much easier.

It is currently mated between my bolted-on SR20DE and my 00' B15 LSD tranny, Stage-3 Clutchkit from Greg V.
2009-05-17 17:42:52
Thanks Shawn, I updated the first post with the information.
2009-06-01 20:13:16
Actual weight of Fidanza NIS11 is 9.85lbs!

2009-06-02 15:18:13
Vadim when did you buy the flywheel? I have the B14 one and bought mine about a year and a half ago. Well when i got it in i weighed it at the post office and it was 8.7lbs

I read on some other forum wheb i was searching that they made certain versions beefier aka stronger but i dont know how true that is.
2009-06-02 17:48:24
Weird, this one is the B13 109 tooth one. It's not for me but for a pal. I bought it off ebay.

Fidanza flywheel Infiniti G20 200SX NX Sentra SR20 2.0L:eBay Motors (item 120310423494 end time Jun-23-09 10:41:12 PDT)
2009-06-02 18:30:12
I got mine off ebay and weighed it when it came in but can't for the life of me remember what it weighed. I was just happy I could put my car back together.
2009-06-21 01:49:36
Weighted my 99 Stock one, it came out to be 18.60lbs.

2009-07-12 04:13:06
Weighed my sr16 flywheel today - 16.25lbs.

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