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Thread: SR Flywheels

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2008-10-01 15:54:07
Originally Posted by Johnny
Yes it is! So you people with super lightweight flywheels and no lag turbos can feather the clutch through third as I mash the gas with no spin and drive past you
But my rev matching pwns yours. =]
2008-12-27 09:38:33
hey guys, i have a Stillen/AASCO flywheel with the carbon plate... does anyone know where i can find the carbon plate? i wasnt able to find it on the stillen website so ill probably end up calling them this week. i also noticed the UR plate looks the same and has the same type of pattern for the screws, so i may also look into getting that as a possible replacement option..
Does anyone know the limits of a carbon plate and or if its better/worse than a metallic style plate like the fidanza?
2008-12-27 10:32:51
Originally Posted by turbofied
Yeah there OBDII never had cel light issues.

Yeah i think my count was acurate.

With JDM cars it does not matter if the car is OBD1 or OBDII. A JDM OBDII car is more like a USDM OBD1 car.

JDM OBDII cars become more like USDM OBDII at about 2002

The JDM cars do not throw the CEL for flywheels with the wrong tooth count.

The JDM cars do not have the CAS on the transmission which throws the CEL like the USDM cars starting in 1995, so a 108 or 109 tooth count will not matter for JDM cars.
2008-12-27 11:02:11
Originally Posted by mrstaff00
Whoa, this is good info i have my fidanza flywheel and i guess i should probably weigh it while I have a chance before the install to know exactly what it weighs. I know that a lighter flywheel results in faster acceleration, but i was also told it does help put more of your hp to the wheels by decreasing the amount of drivetrain loss.But its not a great amount maybe 1-2 hp if that. I'll ask my Master Tech buddy again so that we will have the technicalities that make all this stuff happen.

My first Post on THE DASH FORUM.

A lighter flywheel does result in faster acceleration, it also results in faster decceleration.

A lighter flywheel does not decrease drivetrain loss.

A lighter flywheel has less stored inertia, this means higher revs to accomplish the same launch or the same motion to move the car. Now because of the less weight it also takes it less time to slow down. Example is if you have a spinning object with a weight of 20 pounds and another with a weight of 10 pounds it will take more force to stop the heavy object in the same amount of time as the lighter object.

A lighter flywheel causes a car to use more fuel. It is very minimum but because of less stores inertia you have to give a car more gas to maintain the same speed.

A lighter flywheel does not make more HP.

A lighter flywheel on a dyno shows to make more HP because a calculation of the dyno is time, so if the lighter flywheel makes the car rev up faster this is then transalted as a factor of HP.

Lets look at it like this lets say the average human can generate 2 hp, then you jump on a bike and pedal now if you put more weight on the pedals you will not be able to go as fast because if you generate the same amount of power you will move the heavier object slower.
2008-12-28 23:51:22
what about that jgy flywheel
2008-12-29 02:21:22
I like the SR16 flywheel alot. It made the car feel better to drive. Nothing "noticeable" as far as power but it revved faster with no load.
2009-01-28 03:45:58
Got something in the mail today!

Fidanza 143621 NIS 19 (108 Teeth I personally counted 3 times hehe)

And the actual weight is... drum roll....

2009-01-28 04:27:59
^I bet the 109 is lighter.
2009-01-28 13:28:36
Originally Posted by MR-4Door-SR20DE
^I bet the 109 is lighter.

I don't bet, I know it is. This is in within the lines that Fidanza told me. They said that the 108 tooth uses the OEM ring gear, thus it's heavier.
2009-01-28 13:30:24
Originally Posted by Vadim
I don't bet, I know it is. This is in within the lines that Fidanza told me. They said that the 108 tooth uses the OEM ring gear, thus it's heavier.

The Oem ring gear vs the aftermarket ring gear is not the cause of the flywheel weighing less.

There are 2 specific design flywheels.

One has way less aluminum than the other.
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