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Thread: P11 5speed tear down

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2015-01-19 04:22:07
P11 5speed tear down
Just got done pressing a new input shaft on this trans and put it in the car. I noticed it was hard to find a descriptive write up with pix, so Ima make one.

feel free to add info or correct me if I'm wrong.
*this is only a guide, not to replace an actual procedure. I am not responsible for any damages. Use your best judgement*

>>>remove switches, plates, detents, and reverse idler gear

>>>Make sure this shim isn't stuck in the cap so you don't loose it

>>>Slide hammer the idler shaft out after you remove the snap ring

>>>catch everything that comes out the side. should be all this:
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2015-01-19 04:43:01
The thread in the idler shaft for a bolt is m6x1.0

TIP: get or make something to keep everything organized, AND dont put it near the trans when you're working on it, could spill and loose the the lil detent balls... I should know
I made this out of those lunchable things.. I got quite a few

>>>remove detents next. the one on the right is 1st/2nd; one on the left is 5th/reverse

>>>Next this snap ring

>>>Now you're ready to remove the housing, take all the bolts out and start prying

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2015-01-19 04:59:28
>>>This is it with no housing

Now there are a few things you should remove and clean

>>>and plastic things

AND THIS SHIM Check the trans housing, it could possibly be stuck there. magnent it off or something. Or you lost it
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2015-01-19 05:10:08
To be continued another day, soon... goodnight

your trans will probably be a lot dirtier than this one is... I've had this one apart and together 3 times in a week

pm me if you have any questions
2015-01-19 23:56:26
>>> Remove the shifter thingy, pull the plug by hitting the edge of it with a punch, try not to push it further into the hole. Just get it crooked and pull it out with some pliers.

>>>now you should be able to magnet these pins out and remove the piece. If it's gummed up and wont come out, then try cleaning it up with some brake cleaner it get it sliding freely

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2015-01-20 00:23:35
Now this is the part that took me a while to figure out. someone else may want to chime in, I have no prior experience. I never did look on the b15 forum for a breakdown, so that could be an option for you. But, the way I did it here worked fine, and I was able to assemble it with no problems.

>>>Detent/interlock/shift shaft assy removal. this plug is to remove the 3rd/4th gear detent.

>>> here you need a magnet small enough to slide in the hole no problem. Craftsman has one perfect. I wouldn't suggest a cheap one though, if the magnet come off the end and gets stuck in the hole, have fun with that.

>>>All this should come out the hole first, AND there should be a ball at the end next to the shaft, but it may not come out until you get the 3rd/4th shaft out

>>> These clips come off, I made a tool out of a putty knife to get these off.. Make sure you have a rag or something stuffed behind the clips so they dont go flying. There's a clip on top and bottom of this fork. Both should come off to allow the shaft to come out to get the next series of detents out

>>>You may have to shift the other shafts up to get this one to clear enough to come out, but use a prybar or something to hold the 3rd/4th shaft up

>>>With it up all the way, it should swing right out.

>>>Notice the syncro fork is all the way down on the shaft.
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2015-01-20 02:54:03
>>> Now use your magnet to remove the next dowel and detent ball. The ball may not come out, but it needs to be away from the shaft.

>>> you can see here the detent ball didnt come out for me, but it will come out of the other side once the shaft is out of the way. make sure you get it out before you move the trans around so you dont loose it.

>>>comparing the 2 dowels, the longer one is the first one we removed

>>>Now the clips on the next fork have to come off to allow the shaft to move up high enough to get the next detent out. The shafts won't come out with the detents in. the stacks won't come out with the shift shafts in.. At least as far as i know
top one

bottom one

>>>Keep a rag or something back behind it to keep the clip from flying away

>>>Then pry up while lifting on the shaft to get this small dowel out that is inside the shaft

2015-01-20 15:53:30
The next part was tricky for me, I had to push the 5th/rev shaft back down, put the trans in 2nd, pull up on the 5th/rev shaft while leaving the fork in nuetral, and pull everything out at once. might take a few tries to get it. or if you can get the 5th/rev shaft up high enough to get the detent balls out with a magnet, you shouldn't have a problem.

2015-01-21 20:59:39
thanks for taking your time to do a write up. will help someone along the way.
2015-01-22 05:50:01
yea sure thing. I hope it does. I still have to load all my stack dis-assembly steps, I'm just taking a break. I I'll probably do a b13 trans breakdown next..
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