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Thread: The Ultimate 6 Speed Swap Thread...Parts/Instructions/Results!!

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2013-05-09 21:33:18
@ashtonsser is there info been gathered on the length of the stainless steel line needed to go to the slave cyl from the clutch master?
2013-05-09 21:39:07
Re: The Ultimate 6 Speed Swap Thread...Parts/Instructions/Results!!
That line length doesn't matter. I ran stainless braided line from a maxima site on my p11. It is hydraulic, just make sure there is a little slack for trans movement.

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2013-05-09 22:08:10
What's the minimum length??
2013-05-09 22:57:56
Originally Posted by unijabnx2000
What's the minimum length??

I think 3 ft. will be sufficient.
2013-05-09 23:04:53
Originally Posted by unijabnx2000
What's the minimum length??

I didn't have to notch anything on my B13..but it is close..
from MC to Slave C I would say 3-4 ft of line would be more than enough if you wanna tuck it nicely.
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2013-05-09 23:53:03
You can add this in, if you like....

2013-05-10 01:35:55
On a b13 you will not have to notch the subframe. There was plenty of room between it and the diff using the crooked/off center mazworx mounts, and using the ones I made. The clutch line that greg made me was either 29, or 31 inches, and was routed properly with slack. I'll see if I can post pics and more info up tomorrow.
2013-05-10 02:33:47
Originally Posted by klassickrican

Due to the driverside specV axle being a bit longer than the b13 axle,I wonder if it may cause alignment issues..I hope not!

I'm in Coheed's former setup and have been wondering the same thing. This B14 has SpecV hubs/axles all the way around and it's pretty sketchy even in a straight line...any groove in the road will cause it to pull hard. Under hard accel, I usually have two hands and a knee to help keep it straight...

I've been wondering about axle length and what specs to align to...
2013-05-10 02:44:00
DSS said they would be willing to make a shorter driver side axle if we needed it
2013-05-10 04:19:59
24 1/8" is the length of the 1994 drivers side axle. The Spec V axle is 24 3/32". This is a completely negligible amount. What lengths are you guys getting between your axles that would warrant an issue on this swap?

If the mounts hold everything straight it should keep everything in pretty good shape. But remember that the Spec V with the Nismo wheels has had issues with torque steer from factory. I've driven a few boosted spec Vs and they all felt similar to how my sentra felt. I feel like the biggest difference was the wheels, since they changed offset. I'm not discounting a possible issue with the axles/mount/alignment etc, but the helical diff doesn't lend itself well to preventing torque steer. Add that to the +38? rims and it is going to tram line a bit as well.
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