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Thread: The Ultimate 6 Speed Swap Thread...Parts/Instructions/Results!!

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2013-01-03 10:35:51
Originally Posted by unijabnx2000
I thought the measurements and machining you did took care of the clearance issues??

Yes it took care of the clearance issues from scrubbing the sides of the bellhousing, but I'm talking about the total thickness. The front of the PP is touching the back of the bellhousing. I'm going to try something today, but I have to make a junkyard run first. I'll post up my results.
2013-01-05 00:08:40
I took some measurements from my block, bellhousing, 89-94 maxima pressure plate, and S15 flywheel. They aren't quite accurate to the 128th, but very close. The crank hangs out 14mm past the mating surface of the block. The metal shim plate that sandwiches between tranny and motor is 1.5mm thick. From the block mating surface of the 6 speed tranny to the farthest depth you can physically push a clutch in is 105mm. From the clutch friction surface of the S15 FW to the crank mating surface is 45mm, and the ring gear hangs back 7mm behind that. The overall of the Max PP is 53mm thick. So what I'll be doing is having 3/16"(approx 4.5mm) machined off the face of the FW, and using 2 of the metal shim plates for an additional 1/16"(1.5mm) of tranny to motor spacing. I'll also be flushing up the lip' that curls out in front of the PP release springs, to the front of the PP. This will give me about 2mm of room to play with. It'll be tight, but should work just fine.
2013-01-05 21:13:08
Well, I got my flywheel machined this morning. I just got done trying to bolt up the tranny and engine, but the pressure plate doesn't clear by just a hair. I'll have to look into getting a thinner pressure plate if one is available out there. I've emailed spec clutches twice, but no response yet. Does anyone know how thick a RWD SR20DET pressure plate is, or have one available to measure? At least one good thing came from machining the flywheel, it was 15.6 lbs before I machined it, and now it's down to 11.8 lbs.
2013-01-05 21:24:50
I had that issue too, i think the flywheel could actually do to be thinner by a couple of MM, but i just ground the ridge off the pressure plate that was hitting, and machined a bit of clearance inside the bell housing.
2013-01-05 21:27:29
Interesting. What pressure plate did you use. I mean like what size? I'm using a maxima 240mm clutch set now.
2013-01-06 20:11:57
Probably use a rwd sr20det clutch setup over the maxima setup.
2013-01-06 20:48:28
Originally Posted by ashtonsser
Probably use a rwd sr20det clutch setup over the maxima setup.

That's what I'm probably going to do, but before I order one I want to make sure it fits. I've emailed several people\companies, but none seem to have the time to get back with me. I mean I just need one simple measurement to make sure it'll fit.
2013-01-06 22:58:30
Originally Posted by ashtonsser
Probably use a rwd sr20det clutch setup over the maxima setup.

Is that the 240mm one? I just got a Nismo flywheel and spec clutch from keo in 240mm. Tempted to use it, but might stick to the P12 flywheel.
2013-01-07 01:12:10
Yes, the RWD SR20DET clutch is 240mm. Doesnt matter if its s13/s14/s15. They all use the same exact clutch setup. Only difference is the flywheel thickness. I have a feeling the Maxima clutch setup just looking at it is too bulky compared to the s13. I could bet you the s13 setup would not have stuck out past the flywheel edge like you originally had to deal with.

JWT sells the flywheel primarily as an S15 flywheel/6 speed swap because they use the same thickness flywheel and clutch setup. Of course for the 6 speed swap you are required to have to shave the bellhousing some and so on but they all used a RWD SR20DET clutch setup with it and it worked fine. I think someone mentioned you had to shave the back of the bellhousing just a hair when doing the 6 speed swap as well so the PP doesnt hit but probably nothing like what youve experienced already. With what youve already cut down yours will probably clear fine. There is a reason why they say to use that clutch setup. lol
2013-01-07 10:20:34
I agree with what you are saying. I've seen pictures of RWD DET clutches, and the do look smaller. I'd still like to know the thickness of the pressure plate of whatever brand I order, so I'll know it will work, for a fact. I mean I just ordered a maxima clutch that was supposed to work. It's not going to unless I shim the tranny out another quarter inch. I finally heard back from the spec clutch company, and they didn't help at all. This is the email I received from spec, and at the end I still don't know what stock is, lol.

Some resellers may not know the tech stuff as well as they
Our plate fits both apps. I am not sure of the actual height of the
original stock Daikin unit, as i do not have any originals here to
measure. But there would be no reason to believe our are any higher or
lower than stock.
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