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Thread: How to: RS6 6 speed swap guide

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2011-09-01 10:47:54
you can use the one that came with your car. You just have to modify the b13/b14 one a bit. Cut the tab off and use a washer on the securing bolt to catch the edge of the sensor. It sits in a different way to touch the gear of it on the diff speedo drive gear.
2011-09-13 20:32:56
Would you happen to know the part number for the bellhousing?
2011-09-14 04:44:56
Greg V would have it.
2011-09-14 12:21:26
2011-09-14 20:12:28
Here's the P12 bell housing part#
2011-09-15 06:15:23
Thanks foo
2011-11-29 04:57:47
I was wondering what you guys did for shims. Did you just reuse whatever shims you had or did you take measurements and make sure they were within spec.

I have my transmission all back together using a maxima V6 bellhousing and 05 spec v internals. I'm just stuck on how to set all the shims. Most of the people I've talked to just use whatever shims they had when they took the trans apart.
2011-11-29 09:23:38
Yeah thats usually the case. Whatever bellhousing your putting it into, you should use the shims from that housing.
2011-11-29 16:50:35
Originally Posted by ashtonsser
Yeah thats usually the case. Whatever bellhousing your putting it into, you should use the shims from that housing.

Cool, thanks!
2011-12-05 18:47:19
Got my transmission back together! Glad I did it myself and didn't pay someone an arm an a leg to do it.

Thanks to this thread and the fsm.

Originally Posted by Coheed
If you guys are talking about this clip seen here

You have to bolt the trans all together and when the cases are bolted together you have to flip the trans and slightly *DROP* the trans on that end. Dont drop it from more than 6" and make sure you don't overdo it. But if you can't get that snap ring to seat, you have to make sure it is spread over the shaft, and just about when it is almost ready to slide into the groove... flip the trans (flywheel side up) and slightly drop it on the ground until it snaps into place.

Having torn this trans apart 4 times, I think I got all the kinks worked out.

Try that and see if it works for ya. Just don't break anything lol.

You don't have to drop the transmission. That doesn't sound like too good of an idea.
You can take a pry bar through the control assembly hole and pry up on the main shaft. This will allow you to snap the ring in place. Worked like a charm for me.
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