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Thread: How to: RS6 6 speed swap guide

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2011-08-14 07:44:44
Originally Posted by Coheed
The Toyota GTS celica also.
The Evo IX MR.

Add more to the list as you find them.

The Evo has opened up options for the aftermarket for us too. Since EVO guys are modding the MR, there are gears made from billet that swap right in to strengthen 3-5 gears.

Evo uses the MFA80 not the MFA60 doesn't it ? or is that the Evo X ? Same gearset anyway?
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2011-08-14 07:54:27
And Coheed where did you see those billet stock replacment gears at. I tried googling it a while back and it didnt come up. Only the dogbox sets and upgraded helical sets and straight cut sets. Nothing for billet stock replacements.
2011-08-14 21:24:40
You guys with the 6speed, do you have to drop your motor to take the trans off? I noticed that the trans is a lot larger than the B15.
2011-08-14 22:42:14
No, you just need to slouch it down. I dont know how you normally take the trans off but everytime i do my trans i dont leave the crossmember up. It makes it too much of a pain trying to get the trans back on even with the regular b13/b14/b15 trans and then lining up the stupid rear motor mount bracket bolt holes in the rear is a pain when its bolted to the mounts and crap. So if you just remove the crossmember and all mounts to where the motor can slouch and move towards the radiator a bit if necessary it will drop out no problem. Support the motor on a jack. Thats the way ive always done it. It makes putting up the trans a hell of a lot easier.

The 6 speed trans is almost twice as heavy as the b13 trans is too so its not one of those just lift it up yourself things. best to put it on a seperate jack, get it close and then wiggle it on.
2011-08-14 23:00:58
I haven't done a clutch job on it in a loooooong time so I don't rem how I use to do it. Thanks for the info.
2011-08-14 23:12:55
Coheed had to take his out, he said it was a pain putting it back up but thats how he did it was drop the crossmember to lower the motor down and move it forward a bit. I think he said he tried to do it with the crossmember up and it was impossible. lol.
2011-08-14 23:36:12
B14/B13 same room? I'm still not sure if Im going to pick up a p10 and just swap it into that.
2011-08-15 00:41:35
Yeah i believe so. I think the p10/p11 have a bit more room. I know the p11 does for sure as it clears there with no cutting at all. Not quite sure on the p10 though.
2011-08-15 01:09:11
Man, that is an awesome write up. Still dizzy of all the pics....
2011-08-15 01:11:52
i'm so not liking the above info of removing the crossmember, i just got mine in and i dont like touching my cross member the whole lump complete p12 swap went in from top, i have a broken crossmember bolt thats still in the bulk head that was broken when trying to pull the crossmember. for over three years i've gotten around without having to fix that issue but i guess the next time a clutch swap comes up imma have to deal with it
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