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Thread: How to: RS6 6 speed swap guide

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2012-03-31 03:07:55
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2012-03-31 03:40:48
If you read from what coheed posted the one from greg at least the first batch (I dont know if the new ones are different) required shaving to clear the bellhousing as they made the diameter where the clutch bolts to too larger as well as another area.

Also it just gives another option out there. Not trying to take anything away from Greg, this is something Comp clutch was interested in doing. They are basicly going to keep the SR flywheel design that they have and move the surface further in as it should be and slightly larger for the 225mm clutch. Again we will have to see what they come up with.

Maybe someone else can verify if the new flywheels from Greg will clear with no issues or modification now. If not then this Comp lightweight flywheel may be a better option with less hassle as there shouldnt be any clearance issues.
2012-03-31 06:24:21
When are they going to make the single clutch flywheels? I wonder if it will be the same prices as there other flywheels.
2012-03-31 07:13:01
Not sure when, its still in process. Im sure if enough people got together to do a group buy on them they would be probably the same price as their other flywheels.
2012-03-31 11:56:24
I got the New 6spd flywheel from Gspec and they redesigned it to bolt right in with no issuse...
2012-03-31 14:59:46
Good to know man. Thanks. I see this swap becoming very popular especially when b13/b14 transmissions become harder and harder to find.
2012-04-21 21:41:23
Great write up! Thankyou

I have 2 RS6 boxes ex P12, buth without LSD.
I realize the USDM diff will bolt in and may just do this but since im going to have to buy a diff, maybe i should spend a little more now and get a competition differential.

so A are there any known comp LSD's
and B would a comp LSD for an EVO MR RS6 box fit? ie Quaife do one

and finally, i have all the P12 SR20 axles and bearing carrier, so i shouldn't need the Mazworx axle bracket?

2012-05-09 14:41:51
good write up
2012-05-19 14:22:59
Bump this up. I have access to a 2003 SE-R but the ad says 5 speed?? Are the axles, spindle, hub, shifter cables and all that other stuff neccessary for the 6 speed swap into the B13 the same or is it different from the spec V stuff stuff? I would assume its chassis related and not model related.
2012-05-19 18:22:16
SE-R was 5speed. Spec-V is 6speed
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