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Thread: How to: RS6 6 speed swap guide

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2012-12-09 14:07:41
had the same thing happen with the baffle SE-Rawkus, the gear oil makes it stick to the bell housing side when you split the case. the baffle clips in on the gear case side just as you thought, actually thats the only way you'll be able to get the halfs back together with the baffle aligned properly. Also when putting the halfs back together make sure your shims are still where they were originally, your dowel pins are in the right spot, and the large C clip is aligned so you can spread it open as you slide the case back down..you'll have to spread the clip to get it start over the bearing. then once its all bolted back together you'll have to pull shaft into place till the clip locks into bearing. i used a coat hanger to pull it up
2012-12-09 17:33:51
Originally Posted by SE-Rawkus
Originally Posted by Coheed
Now here's the goods. The measurements and predictions on what this transmission can handle. Here are some pics of the transmission with the case off.

Oil baffle and gear stacks.

I found something interesting when I pulled my '06 Spec V casing off today...the oil baffle actually clips onto the casing side as opposed to being on the bell housing side like in the pics above.

I wonder if the oil baffles in this write-up were just placed there for picture purposes.

Anyone else encounter what I've explained?

Yeah the oil baffle definately clips into the casing side, when I took trans apart though it had been sitting in the bell housing like the picture. When installing the oil baffle I clipped it into the casing side and put the trans back together.
2012-12-09 22:53:29
Pics as promised...

Here's a shot of the newly installed mount trying to get pulled thru after one spirited run with a couple hard pulls. I just got the other washer so I'll get that in and hopefully not have anymore issues.

Welded bracket...

Bottom mount...

Pass side mount...also tweaked.
Last edited by 1fastser on 2012-12-09 at 22-55-00.
2012-12-10 00:12:57
passenger side usually starts to do that cause its two pieces, not much to worry about as theres no direct load on it. 1fastser do you have the metal inserts inside the driver mount? Looks like its missing or shaved down...those large aluminum spacers butt up against the insert and keep the mount assembly rigid. On the inside of the mount which bolts to the top side of the tranny, there are stand offs (spacers) that are there for the stock motor mount. after you grind those flat the whole assembly fits perfectly and puts zero pressure on the poly mount...looks like yours is sandwiched pretty tight. the mount should look the same assembled as it did before it was installed
2012-12-10 03:01:02
Yea, I just received the other large aluminum washer/spacer that was left out. It'll be going in this week! It was left out because it wouldn't fit...due to some tabs on the side that look like they need to be ground down. I believe Ashton pointed that out in a previous post.

Is that the stand off/spacers you are referring to?
2012-12-10 03:10:10
Over the next couple days im going to be working on an ultimate 6 speed swap guide...Parts/Procedure/Results thread. Instead of having info here and there. It will include everything there is about the swap.

What you can expect to spend on the swap, parts choices for what power range, the entire procedure with links back to coheed, manny, and my threads on the swap. Detailed pics of the parts both off and installed. The whole shibang
2012-12-10 03:10:58
yes, exactly!
2012-12-10 14:58:13
Spent about 6 hours putting a new thread together. Has I believe everything you could possibly want from a how-to 6 speed swap thread.

2012-12-10 16:46:57
Awesome...thanks. Nice compilation.
2012-12-11 13:33:38
That large washer has issues fitting into the mount because the driver's bracket that was purchased from Nissan has some welds there that prevent the two washers from fitting. Its a PITA, but if you can somehow make it fit, it will likely end up in making the mount bracket a bit wider to fit the washers. If you can do that and still fit the bolt for the mount, then it should work, but I was unable to do so. Almost like the washers are too thick, or the bracket is produced a little differently for aftermarket replacement.
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