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Thread: How to: RS6 6 speed swap guide

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2012-05-24 21:14:55
Originally Posted by BlueRB240
I got my P12 transmission for $850 shipped so I guess it worked out lol.

ive got a P12 also, but still sourcing the other parts...
2012-05-24 22:24:25
mazzworx is not the only one that can source p12 bells
2012-05-25 00:30:32
Originally Posted by kcobabe
But once you factor in the custom flywheel and custom/Z32 clutch is it really that much cheaper?

Keep in mind that I have not done this so it's a valid question. What is the total cost once you buy everything.

Which is why I was asking about the stock P12 flywheel... The more stock parts used, the less custom needed and you can choose what you need later.
2012-05-25 00:37:54
You can talk to the guys at RHDJapan but it's going to to cost way more than Mazworxs.
2012-05-25 00:45:38
Originally Posted by kcobabe
They make drivetrain parts. They are the ones that make driveshafts for SGP. Only reason I even know about them is I have ordered an S30 and Z32 driveshaft from them (well them being SGP) along with Z31 axles for my brother in law.

This is the company by the way: The Driveshaft Shop | Home page

Sure wish one of our Aussie buddies would get a hold of Dellow and have one built

I have a complete P12 transmission if you wanted to commission the job. I think the low numbers of actual sales might make it a very expensive option.

Considering the amount of finish machine work on the adapters they have pictures of on their website (minimal by the looks of things), i think the P12 bellhousing replication would be rather expensive given it has bearing race holes that need to be exact machined for size depth and tolerance for stack heights etc.
2012-05-25 01:28:18
I was thinking more of a steel adapter plate. Not really a bellhousing.

Of course with access to raw materials (wife does purchasing for a national plumbing and pipe fitting shop) and numerous people I know that do CNC programming for a living. Might actually cost me less. Won't know until I start right Again it's down the road for me as my first priority is to get the car running then it's on to the Z33.

O yeah it also helps to have a long line of machinist, metal fabricators, and pipe fitters that work on industrial steel in my family I'm the wuss that took the desk job
2012-06-20 17:58:18
Originally Posted by ashtonsser
I emailed Shep about possibly taking a look at some Spec V stacks to make sure they are the same and that the gears would work with them.

Pics of the gears....Look at those teeth, mmmm They are as thick if not thicker than the factory 1st and 2nd gear. Should hold up to pretty much anything.

Ash did they get back to you?
2012-06-20 18:01:15
He is still waiting to do another run of the gears. But yes, the gearstacks are the same as the evo but just slightly different ratios.
2012-06-20 18:04:22
I was trying to source one of those for a while, but the few that i found they wanted 1k - 1.2k

and no point in that if the 05 maxima 6 speed go for 900-ish
2012-06-20 18:08:34
You going with the longer maxima final drive? Is that the reason for the choice of trans?

Yeah thats about the price of the gears. Im not going to change mine out until I break one if it does. So far not a problem.
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