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Thread: 11's... FINALLY!

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2008-08-15 15:52:26
Originally Posted by blairellis
Surprised your running 20 pounds on a T28.
You and me both. I wouldn't go past 18 psi on a typical setup and would run less and less the more efficient I made everything else. He knows that though as he said he was nervous running 20psi.

If you can't hold 20 psi to redline that's a sign the turbo is giving up, and no doubt at 20 psi. Cams may help you get power earlier in the rev range but I wouldn't expect any more peak power from them while keeping the T28 turbo. You're probably pushing 325 whp or so and that T28 just doesn't have any more left to give.

Great times! I'm always excited to see what may be possible with my T28 setup when I finally get it in. Sorry for my ignorance but what chassis are you on, and more importantly what transmission?

Edit: Woops, I didn't read this far into the thread yet. I completely agree with Payu.

Originally Posted by Payu
You will see same HP that you have at this time but with lower boost level with cams springs and retainers lets say you have 330whp now at 20 psi then you will have 330whp at 15psi but you wont see 360whp out of your t28... You will need a bigger turbo to get more whp than you have at the time because your trap speeds demonstrate that you are at the limits of your turbo.. So you will have to upgrade the turbo in order to get more power just my .02
2008-08-15 17:06:37
congrats man!!!!!!!
2008-08-15 17:39:05
I'm on my second tranny which is a stock B14 LSD. I am excited to hear that I may only need 15psi with cams to keep the same power.

I need to get SE-R rear disc brakes because my burnouts are cut short because I can't keep from moving forward.

As I said earlier it is a B13 chassis with some weight reduction. It was originally an LE car.
2008-08-15 17:48:45
Originally Posted by RedDragun
I'm on my second tranny which is a stock B14 LSD.
What happened to the first one and at what power output or psi level?
Originally Posted by RedDragun
I am excited to hear that I may only need 15psi with cams to keep the same power.
Makes sense. Then maybe you won't be able to resist an upgrade to a GT28. =]
Originally Posted by RedDragun
As I said earlier it is a B13 chassis
I missed that part even after going back and re-reading. You must have mentioned it some other thread. =/
B13s running 11s on T28s! My kind of fun.
2008-08-15 17:59:16
The first one I wasn't even in boost. I was just driving casually and I shifted into second and it just disappeared. I think there was something wrong with it because usually it is third gear that goes out. I was able to limp it home in 1st and 3rd.
2008-08-15 20:07:19
What kind of weight reduction do you have?? Thats a very important factor here because total weight of the car makes a lot of difference on your ET.s and to determine your HP levels by the trap speed...
2008-08-15 20:20:34
Like no back seat or seat belts. No spare tire or jack. No passenger seat.
2008-08-15 21:03:49
making me reconsider my set up, lol
2008-08-16 01:09:31
yeah, keo, sell me your mani. it needs to be on my car!
2008-08-20 00:30:01
W11 Avenir
GTi-R T28 Setup
Greddy Type S BOV
Calum Realtime
Subaru 520cc Injectors
O2 Induction Style Manifold
Autometer: Water, Oil, Boost
3.5" Front Bumper Side Exit Exhaust
Progress Coilovers
Walbro 255lph
Nismo AFPR
ACT Xtreme Clutch
Prothane Motor Mount Inserts

something i didn't notice about the setup at first, and I think it's the real reason why ne made the power he made. it's bolded.
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