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Thread: My stock block SR20DE Updated times!

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2014-11-30 21:33:43
My stock block SR20DE Updated times!
Recently picked up a 94 Sentra with a JDM SR20DE not in running condition. When I first got it:

It had some wiring issues. Then I finally got it running only to discover the fuel pump and tank were rusted out! Swapped out the tank with a junk sentra in my neighbors yard. Got it running pretty good & road worthy:
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2014-11-30 21:40:25
The car came with a JDM SR20DE, NON-LSD tranny, intake and SSAC header. I got bored and thought I try it out at the track:

I was happy with the times it did. Then I decided to install my Hotshot Gen 6 header, MSD digital 6 and SAFC. Took it back to the track:
2014-11-30 21:48:05

Those are some good times for just a de! Good stuff man, Im loving that se-r too. That color is pretty rare
2014-11-30 21:48:32
Played around with tire pressure, timing and AFRs then:

I was so close to a 13.9 slip and on a pretty much stock SR.. The next weekend came and I was going to try my best to hit a 13.9. I decided to launch at a different RPM and then:

and the vid of that run:

I was able to back it up later in the night with another 13.9.
2014-12-05 11:47:31
Good ish from a car that didn't even run. You probably saved this one from the junk yard.
2014-12-07 00:40:59
My Stock SR20DE
Man that's good stuff not gonna lie that put me to shame I have a 94 ve it was off tune but ssac headers I had Megan coil overs b15 LSD tran msd6a and blaster cool cai on stock tires best I ran is 14.9 my afr was at 11.2 wot
2014-12-07 00:53:16
My Stock SR20DE
What are you running for suspension I just bought so e ksports cause I had bad wheel hop but those are really good numbers though for the setup you have
2014-12-07 02:43:25
Thanks. I am on Tokico blues and ground control sleeves. I need to make some adjustments to the tune; hoping to get a little faster. But I'm really happy with the times the car has put down.
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2014-12-07 03:07:46
My Stock SR20DE
Yea deff that's what it should be putting down with the right driver I've done some upgrades since my last run last year I'm fully gutting my b13 I've put some n1 cams in light wieght fly wheel I hVe to get my tune squared off but going with some nice slicks keep it up I'm hoping to post up my times I'm going as soon as April hit hoping to get some 10 sec this year
2014-12-09 02:20:59
what psi do you run on those slicks?

The side that bite being a non lsd do you run a different psi?

What is your launch rpm?
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