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Thread: Slick storage

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2014-10-19 01:02:28
Slick storage
Just curious what is the best way to store skicks over the winter? Usually I store them in a cool dry, dark envitonment in my room tempetiure stays between 50°- 80°. The thing I want to know is should I store them with air or completely flat. Usually I keep air in them all year, I been doing some reading some people say this rots the tires. Last season I decided to store them with out air on the rim, when I pulled them out they just seemed extremely dry, you cold see the cracks in. the side walls and everything...... So how do you guys store your slicks? I'm looking for the general consensus does so if you have the same answer as some one else that is fine. The more people that reply the merrier. I respect all opinions.
2014-10-19 02:20:51
I keep them in a bag in the basement deflated but for sizing reasons. I was told that unless they were kept at the same pressure they could stretch possibly to different sizes.

Not sure if dry rotting is accelerated when they're inflated vs deflated
2014-10-19 22:29:10
interesting dx.....interesting ...... still looking for more feedback!
2014-10-20 23:49:52
Mine sit in my garage all winter. Deflated, but honestly I haven't had any that would hold air for long periods anyway.
2014-11-24 06:29:45
Thanks for the reply guys thing I hace a pretty good idea, but just wanted to run this by you guys ,but I'm still interested in hearing more ideas or opinions on this topic.
2014-11-27 15:38:24
I store mine with air in them and I wash them before I store them and haven't had a problem
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