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Thread: Anyone run a scatter shield?

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2014-02-08 04:29:54
Anyone run a scatter shield?
Since I'm sure I will be getting my balls broken this year over the nhra rules, I figured I would ask.

Any of you guys running a scatter shield? Who has made one? Thinking of giving a shot at making one since I have metal companys who should carry the steel locally.

"All front-wheel-drive or transverse-mounted applications using a
clutch and running 11.49 or quicker, for which an SFI Spec 6.1, 6.2,
6.3, or 9.1 flywheel shield is not commercially available, must be
equipped with a flywheel shield made of 1/4-inch minimum
thickness steel plate. Shield must surround the bellhousing
completely except for area of bellhousing adjacent to differential
and axle shaft. Shield may be multi-piece, with pieces bolted
together using minimum 3/8-inch-diameter Grade 5 or M10 class
8.8 bolts; may be attached to engine and/or bellhousing."

My only concern is if its ok to have it bolted used the factory bellhousing bolts. I would weld everything to make it a large one or possible two piece design. I know some of you guys are familiar with these rules. Dave, Kev, or Jose? I know you guys are up on this kind of stuff.
2014-02-08 08:34:56
The kind we use on the monte is bolted to the trans using the engine/trans mount points. Surprised your gettin your balls broken.... Usually a helmet and jacket keeps Lebanon happy on track rental days...... Then again you did dip into the tens

Never considered it personally... But if the car does consistent 10.5 this year then I better pay attention to this thread or just run to the 1/8th
2014-02-08 11:18:27
The one I have has 3 bolt on pint, 2 on the top and one on the front. 1/2 sleeve is welded to it so I just bought 3 1/2 longer bolts. I can take it off if you need pics
2014-02-08 15:52:49
Where does yours bolt to? Via bellhousing bolts? I can source 1/4 steel probably 2-3 inches wide and fab something up. I was going to mock up so steel brackets and weld everything in place.

Luckily they didn't bust our balls too bad at Lebanon. I was yelled at once for going 11.2 with no fire jacket. So we got Jamie a firejacket and let him settle some grudge runs to close the day and haven't heard anything from the track officials. I just know once I go to run in a big event at e-town or atco, they will be going over it with a fine tooth comb as it dips down into the tens.
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2014-02-09 00:19:40
I am running one. I will get you a pic and more info shortly. My track up here is very strick also. ...
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2014-02-09 00:41:33
Originally Posted by Kleensleeper
I am running one. I will get you a pic and more info shortly. My track up here is very strick also. ...

Only thing that gets me is the number of bolts they want in the lower half...pictures would be great. I think @Dave_SR20 sent me some pics at one time...
2014-02-09 01:24:44
I'll get you guys pics tomorrow
2014-02-09 04:20:12
Thanks fellas! I will be needing two or three of them between the all motor cars and my brothers turbo car.
2014-02-09 05:06:30
2014-02-09 16:13:22
I thought the entire trans had to be covered?
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